Gumball Rally in a 750 Horsepower GT-R

car_photo_311341_25 David Yu wrote an article for Evo Magazine on the recent Gumball Rally. He co-drove one of the most powerful R35 GT-R’s in the US on the cross country tour. car_photo_311332_25


This extraordinary machine has been rolling-roaded at 750bhp at the wheels and been VBOX timed at 0-60mph in 2.72sec and 0-100 in 5.86. What’s perhaps most extraordinary is that it has completely stock engine internals and transmission. Which means that everything else has been heavily breathed on – turbos, intercoolers, injectors, fuelling and ignition maps, exhaust and induction, not to mention the various carbonfibre aero addenda.

Head over to Evo Magazine to view the whole story. car_photo_311335_25

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