Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GT-R

bugatti-pink What happens when you put 1001 hp vs 480 hp ? I think the outcome is pretty predictable. More than double the horsepower, both all wheel drive. 6 cylinder twin turbo vs 16 cylinder quad turbo. $80k vs $1.5 million. Although its not “that” pink Bugatti. Even in pink, the outcome would be the same. Evo Magazine does the test that the rest of us can only dream of doing.


Jeff Chong said...

Facebook is blocked at work, so I am replying you here. Yeah like you said, a R35 with all bolt on mods should be able to run even with a stock Veyron. It will be my toy car, I'll run 100 octane with no cats, that should be 700whp+, 200~250 lbs can be easily remove from the car. 700whp, 3600 lbs, easily mid to low 10s. It would be REALLY cool if it can dip into the 9s with simply mods on street tires though!

Sean Morris said...

There are quite a few cars in the 10.3- 10.7 range on a decent tire . 130-134 mph so far. Haltech just released their ECU, so that side of it is getting a bit more control. There are clutch upgrades and transmission upgrade parts available from SSP and Pfitzner.

200-250 lbs isn't too big an issue. Seats , wheels/tires, and a couple of carbon fiber parts, which are all coming or here now. Password JDM is working on wide front fenders so you can stuff some 315's under the front and rear.

A 10 second car is dangerous fast.

Jeff Chong said...

Yeah looks like it is gonna be easy to make the 35 stupid fast. I hope that AP Racing Carbon Ceramic rotors will have a down to earth price, instead of that insanely stupid Bentley price Nissan got on those SpecV rotors. I think what I want is to make it as quick as possible while keeping it bone stock looking, I don't think it would be hard to dip into the high 9s, lose some weight, race gas and no cat should do it. RH9 is a lot easier with the 35 then the 32-34. Man 9s is stupid fast on the street!! I want to street race sport bikes, not cars! I love that HKS GT600 intake pipe, stock on the outside, much bigger ID!

Anonymous said...

it might run with the veyron in the quarter mile, but definitely not top speed.

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