Two Second Gain in 60-130 mph Test with Minor Modifications

A GT-R owner wanted a little more performance out of his GT-R and decided to hook up a V-Box vehicle performance tester to try out a few quick modifications . The GT-R was an LC2 car with the lower launch RPM of right around 3000 rpm. The first test was done in 90 degree weather in Houston. The car had a Y-pipe with no other modifications.

0-60 was 3.5
0-100 was 8.3
1/4 mile was 11.82@119.8
60-130 was 10.69 seconds

They then went with a Cobb Access Port with a Stage 1 tune, and the car picked up about 0.4 seconds in the quarter mile, and 0.8 second in the 60-130 mph time. With the Access Port - Stage 1.

0-60 was 3.2
0-100 was 7.4
1/4 mile was 11.43@122.8
60-130 was 9.82 seconds

Next they called up Forged Performance for a custom tune for the Cobb Access Port and dropped the times nearly two seconds in the 60-130 time.

0-60 was 3.08
0-100 was 6.98
1/4 mile was 11.18@126.7
60-130 was 8.72 seconds

Source : Nagtroc Forums


Anonymous said...

looks closer to one second to me.

Sean Morris said...

60-130 mph 10.69 for the first test. 8.72 for the 2nd test. You probably just looked at the test with the stage 1 Cobb.

Sean Morris said...

3rd test , not 2nd test.

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