New UK R35 GT-R Record: 9.67@145 mph

The United States is not the only place in the world that likes drag racing. Severn Valley Motorsport in the UK proves that with their recent pass by a Nissan R35 GT-R that they built. Even more impressive is they are on stock exhaust manifolds, with modified stock style turbos. Check out the video and build list below.

The full build list


Full Blue Printed engine by SVM
Carrillo rods
CP Pistons - stock bore. still VR38
CNC Ported Cylinder heads 5 angled valve seats
Ferrera larger Inlet and Exhaust valves with Titanium double valve springs and retainers
Tommie 280 duration race cams with 11.3 lift
Larger cam breathers
crank damper and dynamic balance rotating mass
HKS head gaskets and manifold gaskets
SVM twin port breather system with combined alloy header tank
Extra single port central block breather and catch tank with braided line


SVM Spec High Pressure fuel pumps
1000cc Injectors
HKS 45 spark plugs


Stage 3 IHI Turbo units -
75mm svm trade mark bumper air intakes feeding large kn filters
GTC 80mm intake pipes
58mm Titanium turbo comp feed pipes


GTC 90mm Titanium Exhaust system
GTC Down pipes
GTC 90mm Y Pipes

Cooling & Pipework

Marston stage two bar and plate intercooler with unique 80mm hard pipes and murray hose clamps
80mm Red rubber coupling pipes
motor sport radiator
Silicon water hoses in red
65deg water stat and housing


Up rated first gear set
gear box cooler with auto fan system and motul oil pump ,braided heat protected oil lines
4wd locking clips by dodson
Dobson 16 Plate clutch system with billet clutch baskets and stronger cir clips and up rated seals
GTC billet gearbox sump


KW coil over suspension

Additional Chassis Mods which are imminent

Eibach hollow anti roll bars
SVM 6 point roll cage
Takata Harness's


NIS 06 AP with Launch Control
GTC switchable mapping 99 ron maps and q16 race maps


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Noypi said...

Wow! Nice engine eh! That sure is fast! Whew!

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