Cobb AccessTune Pro: Real Time Tuning

Cobb Tuning has been at the forefront of Nissan GT-R ECU tuning since the car has been released in the US. A couple of very talented individuals, and lots of shop testing has brought a great product that gives lots of range and control for a Nissan GT-R from stock to over 1000 hp.

This upcoming upgrade, teased here, to the Accesstune Pro software is Real Time Tuning.  Real time tuning will speed up the time it normally takes to fully custom tune a GT-R. Real time tuning is a common item in aftermarket stand alone ECU's, but it takes some time to figure out how to do it for a OEM ECU.

If you look closely you see that this software has real Time, map switching, Speed Density, and a few other things added in to make the software the best it can be.

Over the coming weeks we will be testing this software and firmware and pushing an update all of our tuners as soon as we are ready!

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