2011 UK - 2012 US Brake Pads and Anti Rattle Springs

Stopping a 4000 lb, 480 hp car is tough. Stopping a 4000 lb, 530 hp car is even tougher. The Nissan GT-R factory Brembo 6 piston front calipers with 380 mm rotors, and 4 piston rear calipers with 380 mm rotors is a very serious braking system for anything short of a race car. However, it can still be improved on, and Nissan has made some changes for the DBA or 2011 UK (2012 US) car.

Stock 2011 (2012 US) front pad left. Aftermarket pad right
The DBA rotors have been enlarged to 390 mm in the front, but made thinner. In the above picture, the DBA brake pads are compared to aftermarket brake pads for the CBA. Even though the DBA pad could be about 5mm taller, they decided to keep the height the same. Making the pad taller would have given more swept area, and allowed for more material.

Rear DBA caliper with aftermarket pads. New stiffer rear spring

OEM 2012 rear brake pad and new stiffer spring
The new spring is supposed to assist with anti-rattle.  Anyone that has been around a lot of GT-R's knows that the brakes made some noise.  Enough so, that it is mentioned in the owners manual.


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