CBA to DBA Upgrade Packages in Japan

Since the DBA Nissan GT-R was released, there has been rumors of an "upgrade" package that would be available to be applied to the CBA GT-R's.  MC at NAGTROC got some information on the pricing and what each kit consists of.  The kits do not include most of what owners were clamoring for, ECU and TCM upgrades. Thoughts of 530 hp, and 4000 rpm launches, are squashed by this early Japan only release. There is still the possibility of further upgrades, but if they do become available, don't expect them not to require many more parts to support the extra power.

These kits are only going to be available in Japan starting May 1, 2011.  There is a possibility that we might see them available in the US, but at the current prices, its not as good as an option, as some aftermarket parts and prices.

Kit "A" includes items such as the larger 390mm rotors new cross spring for rear brakes to reduce noise and shocks for the suspension produced by Nordring and Bilstein... this package is around $8500 US installed for 2010 MY GTRs price rises to over $12000 for previous years of the R35 if both braking and suspension parts are purchased and installed together

Kit "B" is more of an aesthetic only option and includes the Carbon HVAC cover aswell as the ability for all 4 taillights to be on at the same time (this was previously not available in the JDM market) 


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