AMS Alpha Omega GT-R : 8.626@173.8

Its now raining in Houston, Texas, but AMS got a chance to run their 1600 wheel horsepower  Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R, with Ivan "The Terrible" at the helm.   Yesterday they lost the front lip/bumper twice during 170mph passes.  With a borrowed front lip and bumper on the car, they lowered the Nissan GT-R 1/4 record to 8.626@173 mph with ONLY 35 psi of boost.  The quick pass from yesterday, the car moved around a bit on the strip, check out the video below.

First pass of the day with boost still at 35psi
8.6263 @ 173.8mph
1.533 60 foot
1/8 mph 135.99
60 - 130 ........ 3.13 seconds!!!!!!!!!!
100 - 150.......2.82 seconds 
After the rain let up, they did a last pass, but had too much wheelspin. Next week they are competing in the Texas Mile.

Yesterdays video, watch the front lip go flying when the parachute deploys.

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