Would You Let Amy Drive Your GT-R?

Robert Himler is fairly well internet famous for his car reaction videos. His video of his mom riding in his 1250 horsepower twin turbo Lamborghini has over 4 million views on Youtube. In this video he lets his friend from Australia, Amy drive his Nissan GT-R. Nissan GT-R's are pretty quick cars, even when they are pretty stock. Amy stays wide open throttle for a long time. I think if Robert had a brake pedal on his side, he would have pushed it though the floor.  Its always one thing to be in control, and another to let someone else have that control.
My friend Amy was in town from Australia and wanted to take me for a ride in my new Nissan GT-R. To make matters worse, this was her first time ever driving a left hand drive car. I was terrified to say the least lol. GT-R's mods include Cobb Accessport and Y-Pipe. Please subscribe to keep the vids coming :)
The video is below.

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Orange County Nissan said...

It's probably disorienting to drive a car sitting on the other side the first time but it looks like she got the hang of it. GT-R's are trickier tho because they are so fast and powerful!

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