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The new issue of DSPORT Magazine is hitting the shelves today. On the cover, and one of the feature cars is the 1,189 wheel horsepower Nissan GT-R from Greddy.

A 2008 GT-R served as the test bed for development. Prior testing uncovered the weak link above 600 horsepower, the stock connecting rods. GReddy engineers stripped the block down and installed a set of prototype GReddy ductile-iron sleeves bored to 99.5mm. Once prepared, the block was filled with a six-pack of 8.6:1 compression JE Pistons that join the GReddy stroker crankshaft by way of Carrillo connecting rods. The VR’s new displacement was 4,309cc, an increase of 510cc or 13-percent over stock.

The VR38DETT has some new Greddy parts on it that are just now being released including the new plenum and upgraded throttle bodies. These combine for some big power gains on 1000+ hp engines. At Fuji Speedway, with Tarzan at the helm, the car managed over 200 mph on the straightaway.  Head over to DSPORT for the full feature on this BenSopra bodied, Greddy built R35 GT-R beast.

Source: DSPORT

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