Two 8 Second Nissan GT-R's: A Comparison

March 16-18th, 2012, two Nissan GT-R's went deep into the 8 second range in the quarter mile. One car, the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R, had held the record with a 8.97@169 mph quarter mile pass since July 2011.  On Friday at a private track rental in Las Vegas, the SP Engineering built, Greddy backed, Hing driven Nissan GT-R put the power to the track, and ran a best of 8.793@167.68 mph.

March 16th, 2012 Hing's R35 GTR SPE1000R private track rental at Las Vegas Speedway. Power level at this event was about 1170awhp with 37psi boost. 8.793@167.68 mph with a 1.465 0-60 foot time. 

The car just after launch on the 8.85 pass.  Notice the left rear wheel. 

About 15 feet out from the launch. Notice the left rear wheel.

The thing I see in this picture is the tire tracks on the right side, show the wheel hop with light and dark marks. The car went left, torque steered a bit left, I have found this to be normal with most all wheel drive cars I have driven.

So for about a day, the SP Engeering/ Greddy/Hing R35 held the GT-R quarter mile record. That was until the 1600 whp AMS Alpha Omega(ex-Alpha 12) GT-R showed up to lay it down in Texas for TX2K12. The AMS car managed to peel off a 8.626@173.8 mph pass with a 1.533 60 foot.  8.63 and 8.62 videos are below. The car gets really out of shape on the 8.63 pass, with what looks like the left rear wheel camber and toeing enough to steer the rear of the car to the right. The AMS car has about 6 mph over the SP/Greddy car, showing it is making some power, but it doesn't seem to want to 60 foot as well.  Who is going to be the first into the 7's?

Just after launch on the 8.63 pass. Look at the left rear wheel. Is it an optical illusion?

Just a few more feet forward. Look at the front wheel. Looks almost like positive camber due to lift.

Left rear wheel looks like it has a lot of camber. 

It looks almost like the left rear wheel is steering the car right. That causes a correction, and we see lots of the car in the next snapshot. 

We get to see a lot of the side of the car here. 

The car goes a lot straighter on the 8.62 pass.

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Rick said...

Interesting analysis of the launch and suspension/wheel action. Although, the R35's don't display near the squat of the older GTR's even when running a full second quicker. That must have to do with the newer suspension design.

Like we discussed before, it would be nice to see them on 17" bias ply ET Street slicks, because they are reaching the upper end of what the 18" MT drag radials can do.

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