PistonHeads Talks to Nissan's Mr GT-R

This car looks oddly familiar
PistonHeads got a chance to sit down with Hiroshi Tamura, or T, in Geneva and talk GT-R. T has a personal R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R, featured above. Looks stock, puts down over 600 horsepower, and pushes that brick though the air at over 200 mph.

Hiroshi Tamura is a legend within Nissan for not sticking to the script. This is not something that happens much at a modern car company so it was a real pleasure to meet the guy who lay greatest claim to be father of the modern Nissan GT-R.
Looks like a 280 horsepower stocker, its not for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

We spoke about the NISMO and he explained he's managed to do what he's wanted to do for a while and that's split the GT-R range in an echo of the old Skyline days when there was a GT car and the R version for the "super petrolhead" as he says. So the model-year 2014 GT-R is slightly softer for more comfort on longer journeys. "Some say Nissan has gone chicken, in the '14 model. I say no, we now have the more practicality and maturity for GT-R for the gentlemen who wants to do long journeys." The NISMO version meanwhile ramps up the mental.

Its great to see T out in front of the Nissan GT-R again. He was the planner on the R34 GT-R, and his R32 helped inspire what is the R34.  His R32 is an inspiration for my NISMO R32 GT-R.  Years ago we cornered him, and got some notes from him. You can find those - Advanced Notes.  He is the real deal car guy. Head over to PistonHeads for the full article and pictures.
Airguides for the brakes. Flat front diffuser. Greddy Pan. Getrag transmission

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