Oct 31, 2008

GTR Pumpkin

Happy Halloween.

Synchronic SB001 BOV Install on R35 GT-R

Synchronic SB001 BOV Install on R35 GT-R

I still like the BOV delete. They won't leak if you get rid of them entirely.

Group 5 Motorsports R35 GT-R

On its way to SEMA.

More pictures..

TiTek Innovations Carbon Fiber R35 GT-R Parts

TiTek Innovations has released some pictures and pricing on R35 GT-R carbon fiber dress up parts.

From Nagtroc Forums

Carbon Fiber Hood Ducts (Sold in pairs):
Gloss: $699.00 Shipped
Matte: $729.00 Shipped

Carbon Fiber Dash Vent Side Covers (Located on each inner door side of your factory dash)
Gloss: $699.00 Shipped
Matte: $729.00 Shipped

Carbon Fiber Antenna Covers
Gloss: $199.00 Shipped
Matte: $219.00 Shipped

Oct 29, 2008

More GR6 Transmission Upgrades

A shop named South Side Performance from Sioux, SD posted some information on some GR6 upgrades.

We have been doing R&D on the GTR transmission for several months now. We have developed a upgraded Kevlar clutch pack with heavy duty internal springs. This will allow the car to put up more power down to the ground.

We have also come out with some new internal hardened gears for harder launches. The transmission is our main focus on the GTR. We are also working on some external issues with the transmission casings breaking on a few of our customers cars. We will post all the new goodies for the transmission and how they perform on our dyno.

The aftermarket will fix Nissans problem for them ? The car that was destined to remain stock, at least according to Nissan.

New GT-R Transmission Fluid From Australia

Yesterday we put up a post about How to Fix the GR6 Transmission.

It seems that some guys in Australia have already developed a gearoil and are currently testing it in their car. They were not able to purchase the factory GR6 gearoil, so they had the factory fluid analyzed and had their own oil blended.

First up, Nissan are not joking when they ask you service the transmission oil in 1800 miles of hard use. The light green fluid that we sampled from the transmission had a distinct burnt smell (like burned auto transmission fluid) and had visible grey metallic infusion in its makeup. This is probably to be expected from a new transmission, but taking no chances we sent the sample off to a laboratory that specialises in oil analysis for a complete inspection. The first report was a conventional Spectrograph which showed that there could be a potential lack of lubrication in the transmission with 200 micron sized particles of gear material in the sample.
The GR6 uses a dry sump oiling setup. Maybe the fluid they are using just is not able to stay where its needed to cool and lubricate the gears under high loads.

R35 transmission oil is a specialist product, not an off the shelf D-Matic or Transmax ATF. A conventional ATF will in fact - from our knowledge of the chemistry - cause problems with the dual wet clutches. This is the 'key' to R35 transmission oil, keeping the clutches happy and healthy with a nice slick action, which is why Nissan have sacrificed lubricity and metal protection in the quest for the very best shift action and 'driver comfortable' clutch engagement.

Another 1800 miles have been completed with our new lubricant in place, and so far we have some interesting yet expected test results. The initial feedback was one of markedly reduced transmission noise particularly in first and second gear where you normally hear some light whine. The solid boundary lubricant does this, it also reduced internal gearbox friction to the point where the shifts (particularly second gear - which needs it!) feel a little softer. Noteably less ratcheting and banging sounds come out of the transmission - put a 'Chassis Ear' on the gearbox and drive sometime you will be amazed at the mechanical symphony going on in there! Another benefit of using a Solid Boundary lubricant is that it gives a margin for shock absorbtion in the transmission....no guarantees it will make any LC gearbox problems go away, but using this kind of lubricant is accepted in industry as being a gear protectant in high shear conditions

Turbo Magazine Gets the Axe

The rumors are that Turbo Magazine has been given the axe today by Source Interlink. The magazine page count has been way down over the last few years. Sorry to hear it. It is the one of the originators of the import scene. Now Source Interlink only has Import Tuner, Modified, Super Street , Sport Compact Car, Honda Tuning, Project Car, Traction , I think I forgot some of them. Turbo was only selling about 20,000 copies a month. Just a drop in the bucket. June 1985 - October 2008?

15 years of Turbo - from 2000 Turbo Magazine RIP.

Publication title: Turbo and High Tech Performance
Extent and nature of circulation

Average number the preceding 12 months:

Paid subscriptions : 6,846
Sales though vendors and carriers : 13,128
Total paid circulation: 19,974

Outside country: 392
Free distribution: 447
Total distribution: 20,420

Copies not distributed: 39,239

Total: 59,660

Oct 28, 2008

R35 GT-R on 21 Inch Wheels

From Nagtroc

This GT-R sports 21 inch HRE wheels. The car is slated to be at the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas next week.

They look good. Not sure about the whole handling or weight side of it, but +1 inch isn't usually too huge of a deal.

How to Fix the Nissan GT-R Transmission

The Nissan GT-R transmission is catching a hard time on the interweb. There doesn't seem to be a post anywhere, on any forum that doesn't mention the problems that some people are having with the transmission. Owners are vowing not to use launch control. Some are afraid of the transmissions just giving up on them. Widespread panic...well maybe not panic. One of the members from the NAGTROC forum is reporting the price of the transmission assembly is going up from 1.6 million yen to 2.5 million yen for cars that come from outside Japan.

My thoughts are that wheel hop is killing the transmissions. The problem with the wheel hop is with launch control, the GT-R spins the rear wheels. The wheel hop is exacerbated by the launch control. How do you stop the wheel spin and wheel hop ? You don't use launch control. This has been touted as a feature of the car and results in world beating 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. Some of the owners that have used launch control often, have broken transmissions and are now been denied transmission replacement under warranty. This is a tough subject. The line between abuse and doing something the car was built with. So what does Nissan do to fix it ? Damage Control. Damage Control is keeping a problem from getting worse.

1)Get rid of launch control. This will make no one happy. 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times will not be as "published". Doing this will not make anyone happy, and will cause a lot more problems.

2) Modify launch control. If they have the car launch at a lower RPM, it will wheel spin less, and cause less potential for breakage. The problem here again is that the cars will be slower, people will complain, magazines will complain. On low grip surfaces, there could still be issues with breakage.

3) Modify launch control 2. A little wheelspin in an all wheel drive car is the quick way off the line. Instead of turning the traction control OFF, the car could still have control of the rear wheel speed and keep the rear wheels from spinning and hopping so much on a launch. Traction control doing what traction control should do.

4)Make the transmission- differ- clutch- transfer-rear end serviceable. Send it out to someone and have them repair the broken parts. Automatic transmissions are rebuilt and returned to service, the GR6 should be the same.

5) Make the parts cheaper to replace. One broken gear does not a $20k transmission make. The gear and counter gear in the transmission would be $1000 in parts. Even at $5000, I don't think a lot of people would complain too much about replacing transmissions.

6)Try a fluid change. The transmission uses an ATF type fluid. Its thin. It offers little protection for shockloads. The same fluid is also used to provide lubrication and cooling for the clutches. For the older GT-R's I use Redline Shockproof Heavy gearoil in them. It seems to help cushion the shockload. I wouldn't put Shockproof Heavy in a GR6 transmission. The V160 in the Supra and R34 does not like it much either. It causes shifting problems.None of the Shockproofs seem to be recommended for Synchro transmissions, but in a R32/R33 GT-R application they work out fine. Redline sells three viscosities of the Shockproof:

similar to a 75W250 grade, while providing the same low fluid friction as an SAE 75W90.
Similar to a 75W140 gear oil, but with the lower internal friction of an SAE 30 motor oil.
A unique product with the viscosity of 75W90 gear oil but lower internal friction similar to that of an ATF
The side benefit could be the clutches might be able to hold a little bit of a higher load without slipping.

7)Change the fluid path in the transmission. Separate the clutches from the gear set. Use a different fluid for the clutches and the gears. Something a little thicker to help out some of the shock loading. The clutches can keep their ATF.

8) Fix the wheel hop. They need a suspension engineer dedicated to figuring out why the car is wheel hopping, if that is actually whats killing the transmissions. It can probably be fixed, it might not be able to. It might be able to be done though spring/ dampening changes.

9) Try a clutch engagement change. If the clutch slips more, the tires spin less. Less wheel spin equals less wheel hop. However the issue now would be the clutch will not last as long. Since the whole transmisserdifferclutchrearend is an assembly, things don't change much. Its still a $20k part to change when the clutches need replacing. The transmission ECU does control how much and when the clutch locks up. This programming could be altered to smooth the launch off the line.
Thats the first ideas I have come up with.

War of the Worlds : ZR1 vs GT-R vs GT2 vs 599

Motor Trend Magazine via GT-R Blog

0-60 times :

GT-R not surprisingly more than made up for its power disadvantage, blitzing from 0 to 60 mph (using its catapult-like launch-control system) in just 3.2 seconds -- tying the mighty, 612-horsepower V-12 Ferrari and leaving our test team shaking their heads in disbelief.

0-100 mph

The 480-horse GT-R is trailing in last place, needing 8.0 seconds to reach 100 mph, versus just 7.3 for the GT2, 7.1 for the 599, and a mere 6.9 seconds for the power-ruling ZR1.
1/4 mile
While the Nissan is formidable indeed (11.6 sec at 120.0 mph), the others are unearthly. The GT2 trips the lights in just 11.4 sec at 127.9 mph, the 599 in 11.3 sec at 126.4 mph, and the mighty ZR1 in a blazing 11.2 sec at 130.5 mph.

Vmax: GT-R 195 mph and they lost a tire on the oval. The 599 201.5 mph and the Ferrari also lost a tire.

Lap Times: Las Vegas Motor Speedway. ZR1 56.9 seconds , GT2 57.5 mph , 599 58.0 seconds , GT-R 58.1 seconds.

Would Godzilla vanquish the titans? Post-laps, Theys had this to say: "With the other cars you can control understeer with the throttle. But in the GT-R, more throttle means more understeer. When you reach the limit, though, it suddenly goes into snap oversteer. Engine response is very nice. Linear torque. Steering and braking feel are quite good. But mostly it understeers like a pig."

The GT-R finished a mere tick behind the Ferrari, but well off the pace of the Porsche and the ZR1. And while Theys had mostly good things to say about the handling of the top three, in general he was critical of the Nissan. "Lack of power is a reasonable excuse," he said, "but lack of handling is not."

Race car drivers don't seem to like the GT-R much, but street car guys seem to be able to be quicker in it. Understeer is safter for most drivers at the limit. Oversteer puts them backwards into thing.

Nissan GT-R vs Corvette ZR1 : Inside Line

Edmunds Inside Line put a 2009 Nissan GT-R vs a 2009 Corvette ZR1 in a comparision test. There are lots of pictures and video over at the Inside Line website.

The dyno results:

After several very consistent pulls, the GT-R generates 406 hp at 6,000 rpm and 399 lb-ft of torque at 3,800 rpm. The power curves are a little bumpy as the output fluctuates slightly, but they're impressive otherwise.
Like the GT-R, the ZR1's engine pulls very consistently over several runs. The final numbers are 505 hp at 6,200 rpm and 494 lb-ft at 6,200 rpm and the power curves are nearly perfect. No bumps, no dips, nothing.

The numbers:


zero to 60 mph is 3.8 seconds (3.5 seconds with 1 foot of rollout like on a drag strip). The quarter-mile goes by in 11.8 seconds at 118.6 mph
0-60-mph time of 3.8 seconds (3.5 seconds with 1 foot of rollout like on a drag strip) and a quarter-mile time of 11.5 seconds at 128.3 mph.
Slalom :
slalom cones the ZR1 shocks again, with an average speed of 74.7 mph. Not only is this fractionally faster than the all-wheel-drive GT-R's 74 mph, it smokes the GT2's 71.6 mph by a long shot and leaves the last Corvette Z06's 69.2 mph feeling a bit slow.
Streets of Willow Springs :
Our test driver hops in the GT-R, quickly gets up to speed and lays down some solid laps right out of the gate, the quickest clocking in at 1:25.09. He then moves to the Corvette, which takes a little more time to sort out. The lap times drop quickly, though, and the ZR1 finally posts a fastest lap of 1:23.87.
There's very little brake fade and the grip from the Bridgestone Potenza RE070s is considerable. If your driving skills slot anywhere below that of an SCCA road-racing champion, you'll probably go faster in the GT-R.
The GT-R would have been quicker on the Dunlop Sport tires. Might have given the ZR1 a run for its money.

So far, the ZR1 is mighty comfortable and massively powerful, but there are problems, too. The steering column shudders so much that we actually think there might be a flat tire at one point (a faulty tire-pressure warning sensor isn't helping), while the driver seat is a shapeless blob of leather and foam better suited to watching 12 straight hours of Saturday college football than a 200-mph supercar.

Oct 27, 2008

2009 Corvette ZR1 505 rwhp.

Edmunds Inside Line did a full test of the new Corvette ZR1 including dyno testing.

After three dyno runs, power peaks of 505 hp at 6,200 rpm and 494 lb-ft of torque at 4,200-4,300 rpm were recorded. That's right, it makes over 500 hp at the wheels.

I would have actually thought it would have been more to the tires. 0-60 in 3.8 seconds , and quarter mile in 11.5 seconds @ 128.3 mph. The car is fast no doubt. 1.06 G on the skidpad, and 74 mph though the slalom.

One problem is that the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 just doesn't feel special inside. Sure, the dash and doors are dressed up with leather, and they do look better than the standard Corvette's pieces. But the seats and steering wheel are the same pieces you'll find in a base Vette. And for nearly $120 grand that's not OK.

For what it's worth, our tester also leaked oil out of the gasket of its right cylinder bank and dripped it directly onto the exhaust manifold, periodically allowing the unmistakable stink of burning oil inside the cockpit. At highway velocities its steering wheel shook and shimmied like Shakira on speed. Then its left front tire pressure sensor failed.

Acura Gunning For the GT-R With Future NSX

Poor Acura a day late and a dollar too much. They want to jump in on the new Japanese king of the hill. GT Channel

Koichi Kondo, a new V10 engine has been confirmed for the 2011 Acura NSX, which has been boasted to be faster than Nissan's new GT-R. To retain the exclusivity and image of the future Japanese supercar, only 1,000 units are scheduled to be sold a year in the U.S. market,

V10 Supercar.

Infiniti Four Door GT-R ?

Edmunds Inside Line says that Nissan/Infiniti are working on a four door version of the GT-R.

Is a four door , V-8 powered car, built on a similar but stretched chassis a four door GT-R or is it a replacement for the Q45 ? Competitor to the $50k M45 ? They do already produce a M45x all wheel drive starting at around $52k.

initially rumored to get a slightly downtuned version of the GT-R's 476-horsepower twin-turbo V6, but one source close to Nissan says the company is now leaning towards a slightly tuned-up version of the 5.0-liter V8 that powers the Infiniti FX50. In that guise, the four-door GT-R should develop around 420 hp. The seven-speed automatic gearbox mated to the FX's V8 will almost certainly migrate together with the 5.0-liter engine.

The four-door GT-R is expected to weigh around 4,080 pounds and cost in the neighborhood of $100,000. It's slated for a late-2010 debut.

GT-R or Q45 replacement ?

Oct 26, 2008

Jada Toys 1:18th Scale R35 GT-R Diecast

Jada Toyshas a 1/18th scale diecast GT-R coming out soon. There are also some real videos and a few other features.

On the website they have a GT-R customizer that is fun to play with, but I don't think you get to get your diecast in that configuration ,yet.

1/18th Scale Diecast

Nissan GT-R's at the Texas Mile

From Nagtroc

One of the members from Nagtroc posted up his results from a standing mile. 165 mph seems to be about what a GT-R will do in a standing mile. I thought that a stock car would only do about 170 mph in a standing mile. Pretty close. Texas Mile Website

165 mph is pretty fast in a standing mile. The current record is 229.6 mph by SW in a Supra

Oct 24, 2008

11.44 @ 125 mph : No Launch Control

From Nagtroc

Animal House Racing took their GT-R to the track with a few more modifications and ran a great time with no launch control.

60' 2.111
330 5.111
1/8 7.557
MPH 99.46
1000 9.663
1/4 11.44
MPH 125.9

Their mods:

Animal House Racing ceramic wheel bearings
Animal House Racing ceramic pulley bearings
Animal House Racing Thermal intake gasket kit
K&N Filters
Cobb custom stage 2 flash
Still running the stock exhaust lol

Animal House also says they are working on some transmission and clutch upgrades.

Oct 23, 2008

GT-R Artwork Now Available

From Nagtroc

Mr Visual Homage aka Bonzelite is offering a few of his drawings as posters.

Frame 14
12.5" X 24" poster with matte finish

One more...

Some great posters. No movie influences there at all.

Frame 5&6 --sold as a set of 2 only
12.5" X 24" each frame--dual poster set with matte finish

More Nissan GT-R Carnage

This one is a couple months old, but I never saw it before this morning. It looks pretty bad. Tennespeed forums

...owner of the totaled GTR from 9/6/08. It is totaled. I understand the speculation that has come about from this accident and yes it was my GTR. I suffered minor injuries, while my best friend who I have known for 17yrs was the passenger and suffered a broken left leg and broken right ankle. I wish every day since that the injuries were vice versa. He is on the road to recovery and is doing much better since, and its quite possible he may be able to use crutches in a couple of weeks.

I was not even close to 100mph. No one and I seriously mean no one survives a 100+mph crash hitting a rock wall. I have detailed pictures of the totaled vehicle including a pic of the speedometer which is frozen just under 60mph.

60 mph when it hit at least.

Oct 22, 2008

11.2 @ 130.5 mph : ZR1 First Test

Motor Trend

11.2@130.5 mph is about all you have to know. Thats fast enough to not be able to run at any dragstrip. Fast enough to need a roll bar in a stock car. Huge mph.

Drive a 600-horsepower Dodge Viper SRT-10? Better move out of the way, bub. Launched well (and that means enough revs to keep the blown 6.2L V-8 from bogging but not so many revs that you simply whirl the rear tires into black jam), the 638-horse ZR1 blitzes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a scalding 3.3 sec (versus 3.7 for the Dodge). Once those huge rear 335/25ZR-20 Michelin Sport PS2s are well and truly hooked up, though, the ZR1 really gets down and dirty. The quarter-mile flashes by in just 11.2 seconds at a trap speed of 130.5 mph (at that point the Viper is doing 124.4 mph). By the second half of the quarter-mile, the ZR1 is running away from almost every other automobile we've ever tested.

ZR1 is pretty fast. 638 hp will do that. Put a tire on it, and it runs 10's. Probably not even that good of a tire.

Sport Compact Car Magazine- USCC Results

December 2008 Issue - Go Out and Buy it. This year there were 9 cars. I am not going to give out all the results or the story, just the R35 GT-R results.

Base Price 9th. Car Show 6th . The Girlfriend Test 3rd. Engineering Panel 9th. Driveability 3rd. Dyno 5th . Emissions 1st. Fuel Economy 7th. Acceleration 1/4 mile 3rd. Accleration 20-100 mph 3rd. Braking 4th. Skidpad 4th(tie). Road Course 3rd(tie). Gross Display of Horsepower 7th(tie)

Overall the car didn't do bad. Even though it only finished 1st in Emissions.

Axis of Oversteer Offers Up A Challenge : GT2 vs GT-R

Axis of Oversteer

Now, call us cynical skeptics, but so far we have not seen evidence that satisfies us one way or the other about the GT-R and other cars it has been compared to. "Godzilla the Giantkiller"is just too good a magazine selling headline not to be taken with a grain of salt. There have been many tests but none have had the level of detail or transparency to convince us fully.

So here is what we propose: Axis of Oversteer will supply a Porsche GT2 and we make an open call to curious owners of a Nissan GT-R to provide Godzilla for head-to-head testing.
Theres the challenge. Now why are they picking the GT2 Porsche vs the 911 ? Why pick the rear wheel drive - $190,000 car vs the $70,000 GT-R ? Unbiased ?

So how would this work? Obviously this would be in consultation with with the GT-R owner but the main goal is to eliminate as many variables as possible.

Here are the basic points:

1. Cars will be tested on the same day, under the same conditions.
2. Cars should be stock (disclaimer: CG installed rear seats in his GT2).
3. Both cars will carry data loggers and video cameras.
4. All results will be made available on our site.
5. We are based in NYC so testing would be at one of our local tracks, to be determined.

UK GT-R Pre-Orders Get Track Time

Instructors from Silverstone International have entered the final stages of a Pan-European driving programme to introduce the Nissan GT-R to more than 1,300 pre-sold customers.
The 19-date run at Germany’s Nurburgring follows the successful debut of the experience at the home of the British Grand Prix in August, where more than 500 owners got to grips with the super saloon car for the first time.

Under the logistical arm of Silverstone International, the initial two stages of the ground-breaking ‘Best in Class’ Nissan Academy allowed customers to experience the phenomenal performance of the GT-R as well as learn important advanced driving techniques.

“Half of those who attended had been on other drive experiences, but 98 per cent of them were unanimous that the Academy was their best one yet,” explained Jonathan Tait, Sales & Marketing Director, Silverstone International.
Darren Cox, European Brand Promotion Manager for Nissan Europe, added: “This is not your average car and this is not your average driving experience. Nissan has set its sights high with this breakthrough customer focused launch; in partnership with Silverstone those ambitions are being delivered in spades.”

Further sessions, including the opportunity to take a full race licence test, will be held during 2009. Nissan and Silverstone are working on an even bigger offering of driving experiences for Passionate Sports car driver’s that will be rolled out in 2009.

European deliveries of the GT-R supercar will start in April 2009. Currently the waiting list is 18 months in the UK.

Just a few more months for the UK guys.

Oct 20, 2008

Middle East's Virtual Racing Champion Drives the Real Nissan GT-R super car

Dubai, For one Kuwaiti Sony PlayStation gamer, a dream has come true. Earlier this week, 27-year old Ahmad El Azmi from Kuwait City flew to Japan and got behind the wheel of the real Nissan GT-R. All courtesy of Nissan Middle East and PlayStation.

Back in July Ahmad 'raced' the virtual Nissan GT-R against regional finalists at Dubai Festival City to become the inaugural winner of the Gran Turismo™5 Prologue Middle East Challenge, staged by PlayStation in association with Nissan Middle East The event saw over 10,000 competitors 'race' in nine regional cities across the Middle East during June and July 2008.

Race virtually and win in real life. Although virtual racing, does not equal real life racing.

In addition to the hardware, Nissan and PlayStation arranged for Ahmad and a friend to fly to Japan and attend a major gaming show in Tokyo and then travel on the Nissan's Oppama manufacturing plant and test track, to drive the real Nissan GT-R super car.

Cobb R35 GT-R Vs Techart Porsche 911Video

Porsche 911 vs Nissan GT-R

IDRC Fontana November 22 - GT-R Meet

IDRC is holding an event at Autoclub Dragway at Fontana on November 22.There should be several Nissan Skyline GT-Rs out at the event running down the quarter mile. D Sport's 9 second R33 GT-R. D Sport's 10 second R33 GT-R. RB Motorsports is going to bring out several cars to run. Everyone is welcome. Maybe even some R35 GT-R's. IDRC drag racing.

Nissan GT-R's Singapore Parallel Imports

From AsiaOne Motoring

This year is different, however, because of the impact of the Nissan GT-R, an iconic sports car that has seen 170 parallel imported units sold since it was first introduced here in January 2008.

Strong third-quarter sales of this cult car with a 3.8-litre turbocharged V6 engine accounted for almost half of the total sales so far this year. And despite being a premium model, the GT-R made up two-thirds of all Nissan PI models registered this year.

The sports model is not cheap. It has a list price that ranges from $245,000 to $265,000, depending on the trim level. It used to be higher, but the original $260,000 to $280,000 price range when the car was first introduced here has since been forced down by competition.

The popularity of the non-authorised GT-R is due to the fact that official distributor Tan Chong will only launch a homologated GT-R in the second quarter of 2009.

The listed company brought in one unit for a preview at the recently concluded Singapore Motorshow 2008, though.

170 cars in Singapore. Thats a good number.

Oct 17, 2008

Zele Carbon Fiber Front Bumper

From CBA-R35

Not too sure how much if anything lighter than the stock plastic bumper. It does however give you some options on leaving some parts unpainted, to get that GT-R Proto look

Zele Carbon Bumper

Oct 16, 2008

Can I Borrow $2.5 Million ? Lamborghini Reventon

I'll pay you back next week.

Lamborghini Reventon. $2.5 million is asking a lot for a car that was "MSRP" at $1.5 million.

Nothing to do with GT-R's, but a $2.5 million dollar car is interesting. .

SP Engineering R35 GT-R GT570 Kit Dyno chart


Stock - 426HP/446TQ
GT570 @ 1.1 - 566HP/575TQ
GT570 @ 1.2 - 572HP/606TQ

Dyno video can be seen here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI8sSkgQISo

All pulls were done on 91 CA Pump Gas, and we reprogrammed the EVC with the HKS Easy Writer software.

$8900 + labor.

Not too bad

Oct 15, 2008

Two Wheel Dyno - R35 GT-R

Saw something interesting when I was looking for some ABS information. I know we have seen MC Performance run an R35 RWD on a dyno.

Look up more information

Check Transmission Code P0729


There are seven different possible items that could set this P0729 code.A-F under the P0729 code

Without the Consult III you can run some of the self-diagnosis. After the jump

Troubleshooting to come later

Oct 14, 2008

Harman Motive R35 GT-R Irwindale Video

From CBA-R35 Blog

7.35@97.98 mph. Thats pretty fast. I just did a 7.29 at Iwindale last week in an R32 GT-R that has a couple things done to it.

Mods to the R35 GT-R are : Harman Motive Mid Pipe, HM Intercooler Charge Pipes, Cobb AP Stage 2 Map V 1.06 and HKS Boost Controller

I forgot to take any video of my passes.

R35 GT-R on the street.
Harman Motive Tuned GT-R

Oct 13, 2008

Nissan 370Z Information and Pictures

Some pictures and information about the new , shorter , more powerful Z car, the 370 Z. Inside Line

The new 2009 Nissan 370Z is scheduled to make its first public appearance at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show, November 21-30, 2008. But when a prototype of the new Z-car came to town in early October, we were fortunate to be invited by Nissan to take a look at it.

I wonder where that shot is from ?

Crashed R35 GT-R

The 2nd crashed car in the US ? Going up for sale. Estimated repair cost of $55,000.

White with 349 miles. Another nose in. Notice how they are all nose in. Too much accelerator, not enough brake. Car is located in Nashville, TN. Close to Nissan HQ.

Sucks to be them

Oct 10, 2008

Sprung Hub Flywheel on GT-R

Someone on NAGTROC noticed what looked like a clutch in the flywheel housing of the Nissan GT-R. After a better look, its a sprung hub flywheel. It probably helps out with shockloads though the driveline

Sprung hub, carbon driveshaft, and still breaking gears.

More GT-R Transmission and Clutch Information

This picture came from the NAGTROC forum on a thread about a broken GR6 transmission and an individual being denied his warranty claim.

From Nissan on LC and VDC.

"Switching VDC off doesn't void the warranty nor does running the Launch Control on the car. However, if someone switches off VDC, enables Launch Control and then breaks something while doing this, we wouldn't pay (under warranty) for the specific parts that break during this action"

At least one person is calling for a class action lawsuit, great way to make lawyers rich. I am not sure what people are going to sue for. Are they going to sue because they haven't broken a transmission yet and are afraid of breaking one ? Are they going to sue because they say the 0-60 time was with LC on ? Are they going to sue because of the blackbox ? Sue because they abused the car, and they want someone else to pay for it ?

Now onto the clutch. Again from NAGTROC

From Canada

I spoke to Nissan Canada today regarding the question of warranty on the clutches. The clutches are internal on the GT-R and as of now are not serviceable therefore they are covered as a major component along with the transmission ( 5 years/100'000km). The only thing that would change that is if it has been found that the damage was a result of abuse. So far I have not heard of any transmission failures that were not directly related to the use of launch control. As we all know the use of launch control would most certainly void the warranty on parts that would be affected by its use. Just one more thing to add, The clutches in the GT-R are a wet clutch. What this means is that the clutches are actually submersed in transmission oil and are similar to the clutch packs in an automatic transmission. Being that they are lubricated and cooled by the fluid it makes them allot less susceptible to wear. I hope this answers your questions and feel free to contact me if you have anymore.

HKS USA Releases GT570 Package Pricing

HKS USA has released pricing and some information on its parts for the Nissan R35 GT-R. Release dates are TBD.

Product List:

• GT570 Racing Package…$5700

• Legamax Premium Muffler…$3200

• Super SQV - Sequential Blow-off Valve Kit…$1575

• Hipermax III Sport…$4295

• Super Hybrid Filter…$70

• Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs…$23.97ea

And here is the rest of it.

The HKS GT570 Package

• Racing Extension Pipes (75mm)
• Racing Center Pipe (75mm x2 - 85mm)
• Pre-programmed EVC (JDM Spec)
• Super SQV (x2) Blow-off Valve Kit
• Reinforced Actuators
• Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs (M45HL)
* The GT570 Racing Package is intended for off-road/motorsports use only.
The GT570 package is not covered under HKS' warranty and is sold as-is. The GT570 kit will be offered only through Authorized HKS Pro Dealers.