War of the Worlds : ZR1 vs GT-R vs GT2 vs 599

Motor Trend Magazine via GT-R Blog

0-60 times :

GT-R not surprisingly more than made up for its power disadvantage, blitzing from 0 to 60 mph (using its catapult-like launch-control system) in just 3.2 seconds -- tying the mighty, 612-horsepower V-12 Ferrari and leaving our test team shaking their heads in disbelief.

0-100 mph

The 480-horse GT-R is trailing in last place, needing 8.0 seconds to reach 100 mph, versus just 7.3 for the GT2, 7.1 for the 599, and a mere 6.9 seconds for the power-ruling ZR1.
1/4 mile
While the Nissan is formidable indeed (11.6 sec at 120.0 mph), the others are unearthly. The GT2 trips the lights in just 11.4 sec at 127.9 mph, the 599 in 11.3 sec at 126.4 mph, and the mighty ZR1 in a blazing 11.2 sec at 130.5 mph.

Vmax: GT-R 195 mph and they lost a tire on the oval. The 599 201.5 mph and the Ferrari also lost a tire.

Lap Times: Las Vegas Motor Speedway. ZR1 56.9 seconds , GT2 57.5 mph , 599 58.0 seconds , GT-R 58.1 seconds.

Would Godzilla vanquish the titans? Post-laps, Theys had this to say: "With the other cars you can control understeer with the throttle. But in the GT-R, more throttle means more understeer. When you reach the limit, though, it suddenly goes into snap oversteer. Engine response is very nice. Linear torque. Steering and braking feel are quite good. But mostly it understeers like a pig."

The GT-R finished a mere tick behind the Ferrari, but well off the pace of the Porsche and the ZR1. And while Theys had mostly good things to say about the handling of the top three, in general he was critical of the Nissan. "Lack of power is a reasonable excuse," he said, "but lack of handling is not."

Race car drivers don't seem to like the GT-R much, but street car guys seem to be able to be quicker in it. Understeer is safter for most drivers at the limit. Oversteer puts them backwards into thing.

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