Don't Want Launch Control ? Just Change Your Suspension...

I saw this on the forum.

I changed the oem suspension to the Mine's Esta II's, the "R" mode for the suspension won't illuminate anymore, I tried the launch control sequence and launch control won't engage.
I emailed Mine's about it and they are aware you lose the launch control once the suspension is changed.

So even if you actually want Launch Control, you lose it. I am sure there will be a way to simulate the Suspension being in R mode, but not for now.

They don't have a fix for it yet.


MindlessOath said...

There is a fix for it. use a coil over conversion kit. it wont net you the same performance as a full coilover kit, but it will provide better than stock suspension and keep the in dash settings.

Both Amuse and Cobb tuning have a kit, i have just posted about them both in the last day or so.

Sean Morris said...

A coil over conversion kit is not a set of coil overs. Not nearly as adjustable. Not nearly as good.

The issue would be that a full coil over kit does lose launch control.

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