Cobb Tuning Turbo Upgrades

Cobb Tuning has started testing with new upgraded turbochargers that should give the potential for an additional 150 hp. The compressor wheel is 8.5 mm larger than stock, and the exhaust wheel is 10 mm larger than stock.

We will have to see how the transmission and clutches handle these upgrades.

Stock R35 GT-R turbos - IHI RHF55 same as MY06 STi Impreza
Turbocharger Type RHF55
Turbine Blade no. 11
Compressor Blade no. 6 + 6
Turbine Rotor Size 53mm / 48mm
Compressor Rotor Size 60mm / 46.5mm
Max. Turbine Speed 165000 rpm
Wastegate Open Press. 78 kPa
A/R Ratio 15
Compressor seal material Synthetic mica + Teflon
Bearing Type Floating Metal Bearing

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