More GT-R Transmission and Clutch Information

This picture came from the NAGTROC forum on a thread about a broken GR6 transmission and an individual being denied his warranty claim.

From Nissan on LC and VDC.

"Switching VDC off doesn't void the warranty nor does running the Launch Control on the car. However, if someone switches off VDC, enables Launch Control and then breaks something while doing this, we wouldn't pay (under warranty) for the specific parts that break during this action"

At least one person is calling for a class action lawsuit, great way to make lawyers rich. I am not sure what people are going to sue for. Are they going to sue because they haven't broken a transmission yet and are afraid of breaking one ? Are they going to sue because they say the 0-60 time was with LC on ? Are they going to sue because of the blackbox ? Sue because they abused the car, and they want someone else to pay for it ?

Now onto the clutch. Again from NAGTROC

From Canada

I spoke to Nissan Canada today regarding the question of warranty on the clutches. The clutches are internal on the GT-R and as of now are not serviceable therefore they are covered as a major component along with the transmission ( 5 years/100'000km). The only thing that would change that is if it has been found that the damage was a result of abuse. So far I have not heard of any transmission failures that were not directly related to the use of launch control. As we all know the use of launch control would most certainly void the warranty on parts that would be affected by its use. Just one more thing to add, The clutches in the GT-R are a wet clutch. What this means is that the clutches are actually submersed in transmission oil and are similar to the clutch packs in an automatic transmission. Being that they are lubricated and cooled by the fluid it makes them allot less susceptible to wear. I hope this answers your questions and feel free to contact me if you have anymore.

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IIRC, Nissan hasn't released internal 0-60 times for the GTR. If that's the case, "false advertising" is out the window. The 3.3 0-60 w/LC figure comes from's test.

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