Jan 29, 2009

Nissan Reprogramming Launch Control

Edmunds Inside Line reports that Nissan is reprogramming the launch control on the R35 GT-R. Its good they didn't take it away. I had posted up a couple of thoughts that I had on how to "fix" the GR6 GT-R transmission. It looks like it should still work out well. There are a lot of people that are running high to mid 11's without using the launch control now. Even a few modified cars close to the 10's with out using the launch control.

- There are no hardware changes.

- Dealers will reprogram the car's ECU to alter the transmission characteristics during hard launches.

- Launch Control remains, but the maximum allowable engine speed with the VDC system switched off will be reduced from the current 4,500 rpm to between 3,000 and 3,500 rpm. The clutch engagement program will also change to reduce driveline stress, e.g., less abrupt engagement on launch.

- When launching with the VDC on, the new programming will allow for higher engine speeds and a more aggressive clutch engagement than the current setup.

- Nissan reiterated that launching the GT-R with the VDC off is not covered by the warranty.

- A revised customer disclosure form will be issued and required for GT-R sales going forward.

- All GT-Rs worldwide will receive the revised programming.

Full Text after the jump

Nissan has enhanced the Model Year (MY) 2009 GT-R by incorporating new MY 2010 programming that will optimize clutch engagement control for improved drivability. This upgrade also improves vehicle acceleration with the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) ON/activated.

Nissan will provide this MY 2010 specification upgrade to MY 2009 GT-R owners at no additional cost. Nissan has already incorporated this programming into the GT-R vehicles in its U.S. inventory and will resume shipping of those vehicles to dealers. We will advise you soon on how to install this new program into all MY 2009 GT-Rs (see below).

The GT-R will continue to offer supercar characteristics of exceptional handling, maneuvering and overall driving experience. This upgrade provides the consumer improved drivability and enhanced acceleration performance with VDC ON (as required by the warranty). Standing acceleration capability with VDC ON (VDC-R mode) will improve compared to the original model year 2009 performance while such acceleration with VDC OFF will be moderated. Customers should be reminded to drive safely and obey all traffic laws. [Please note independent media reports of 0-60 drive times with VDC OFF (or what the media call "Launch Control") on closed courses with professional drivers will likely increase after this change.]

The GT-R Owner's Manual expressly warns against driving with the VDC OFF (except to free the vehicle when stuck in mud or snow) to avoid damage. Repeated acceleration launches with VDC OFF have resulted in some reported instances of damage to the transaxle. Repairs for damage caused by driving with VDC OFF are expressly excluded under the terms of the Nissan GT-R New Car Limited Warranty. Except when stuck, there is no reason to drive with VDC OFF.

This change was initially implemented with the start of MY 2010 GT-R production and has been completed for all 2009 GT-Rs still in NNA inventory... In a few weeks, you will receive the Technical Service Bulletin explaining how to implement this specification change for all remaining 2009 GT-Rs...

Source : Edmunds Inside Line

Jan 27, 2009

Price Increase on Nissan GT-R for Australia

The falling Australian dollar in the current worlds economy is causing Nissan to raise the price of the Nissan GT-R, even before the car is released in Australia. The GT-R is to be released for sale April 1, 2009 , and its not an April fools joke, but the price is increasing to around $154,300 AUD.

Unfortunately, the prices were calculated before the Australian dollar collapsed against the yen and the ensuing two per cent price increase across most of the model range on January 1.

Nissan will not levy the increase on those customers who have already put down a deposit on their GT-R, but Nissan Australia’s marketing general manager Ross Booth told GoAuto that those who decide to buy the car when it arrives in April could face an increase of “around one to two per cent”.

his will add between $1500 and $3000 to the GT-R’s price, increasing the entry-level GT-R from $148,800 to at least $150,300 and the GT-R Premium from $152,800 to at least $154,300.

Mr Booth said Nissan was holding 140 orders for the GT-R and, unlike other premium sportscar brands, he claims no orders have been cancelled.

Source : Go Auto

Jan 25, 2009

IDRC Fontana Video - GT-R Challenge 2008

A section from the DVD that comes with the March 2009 Issue of D-Sport Magazine. Check it out, buy the magazine. This is just one of 17 chapters covering recent events. IDRC - GT-R Challenge
Source : D-Sport Magazine

EBC Yellowstuff pads for the Nissan GT-R R35

More R35 GT-R Brake Pad options.

EBC Yellowstuff pads for the Nissan GT-R R35 are now available from EBC Brakes in their High Friction Yellowstuff DM 1793 formulation. Yellowstuff is an aramid fibre based brake compound with high brake effect form cold and is possibly one of the first ever compounds that can be used for STREET AND TRACK DRIVING. These pads do not require warm up and get stronger under the heat of hard driving. The front pads part number DP41983R and rear pads carry part number DP41110R. With the price will be significantly below the Nissan price and most other aftermarket suppliers we think they will be on every GTR divers shopping list. Prices and product online shortly.

Thats all folks.

Source : POTN Blog

Jan 24, 2009

645 hp / 645 lb-ft - R35 GT-R Video and Dynochart

Z Car Garage / SSP R35 GT-R

We put the Cobb map back to stock and ran ther exact same set up as yesterday... but this time with 21 lbs of boost. So still stock fuel system, stock intake, and now stock style tune.... the results should impress:..on 100 octane fuel

Video after the jump:

SSP GTR820RR : First Kit Installed Video

Z- Car Garage reports that the car made nearly 590 whp. SSP has some driveline upgrades coming in the beginning of next week

Source : Z Car Garage Blog

Jan 22, 2009

Nissan GT-R Beats the Germans - Again.

The CAP Monitor has released residual value figures that show the Nissan GT-R retaining a higher percentage of its value than cars from BMW, Porsche, and Audi.

After 12 months or 10,000 miles, independent used car valuation data provider CAP Monitor predicts the new GTR will be worth 84% of its new list price. This puts the latest Godzilla incarnation well ahead of rivals from Porsche, Audi and BMW.

CAP forecasts that a Porsche 911 Carrera will cling onto just 68% of its value after the first year of ownership, which may dent the German’s pride just that tiny bit more in light of the battle between Porsche and Nissan at the Nurburgring in 2008.

Nissan > Porsche

I am not sure how accurate this information can be. The car is not even released yet, and they predict a high residual value.

Source: CAR

Jan 21, 2009

Z- Car Garage / SSP R35 GT-R on the Dyno Video

The Z-Car Garage R35 GT-R is in South Dakota getting some new parts installed. Some they say are "secret" some are known. I think we will see the first GTR820RR turbo kit installed and dynoed soon. Stay tuned.

Dyno video

Source : Z Car Garage Blog

South Side Performance Introduces the World's first Intake Manifold for the Nissan R35 GT-R.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota (January 21, 2009) – South Side Performance is offering, another world’s first for the R35 GTR, the SSP 820RS intake manifold. This component is just the first in a line of SSP products that will move power hungry GTR owners towards 820 HP, when paired with our recently released GTR820RR Turbo Kit.

The intake design is the result of months of testing a wide variety of shapes and designs before finding a design that would make big power, and still be pleasing to the eye. As with nearly all SSP products, the intake utilizes stock lines, and is designed to utilize perfect stock style fitment of all under hood accessories.

But, this intake is more than just a pretty face, as its main purpose is to provide the lung capacity to make major power. With just simple bolt ons, this intake has been proven to make 15 whp and 28 Ft lbs of torque on stock turbos. These power gains are linear and constant all the way to redline, as the intake feeds an ever increasing supply of air to the GTR’s fire breathing 3.8L V6 (SEE DYNO GRAPH FOR DETAILS).


The 820RS Intake manifold’s design utilizes time tested racing technologies to make its power. The manifold incorporates 5 in extruded D-Plenum technology, 2 ¼ in velocity stacks, and 45 degree intake runners that utilize a straight shot for air into the intake. The openings are machined 60mm openings for fitment of the stock throttle bodies, but the intake also incorporates some room to grow should you want to later upgrade to larger throttle bodies down the line. The result of all this technology is an intake that has over 2 times the air volume capacity over stock and is also lighter than the unit it replaces. No need for your plastic intake cover as this intake is sure to draw they eye in either raw machined aluminum or a gloss black powder coat.

Price and Availability:

This upgrade can be purchased direct or from any of SSP distributors and is available today for $2,699.00. Availability is limited, as these units are built to order, but wait time will be minimal, usually about one working week. For more information contact us at: 605.331.7889 or by email sspwholesale@rocketmail.com and for more SSP Product listings visit: http://www.sspperformance.com/GTR/Engine/

Autoweek - GT1 Testing : Racing Return Possible

Autoweek dug up some new information on the Nissan GT1(?) race car. Still no confirmations on what class the car will run in. Just the fact it also did a five day test in Malaysia.

The car, built by Nissan's NISMO competition department, completed a five-day test last week at Malaysia's Sepang circuit.

"It is a test car. We are not claiming there is a specific category we are looking at, although this car has not been developed for Super GT," said Manaki Iwamoto, NISMO general manager of corporate planning.

Iwamoto was here in the US for several years as the NISMO US representative.

An Aston Martin GT1 test driver shows that they are at least doing some homework.

Speculation suggests that Nissan will confirm its entry into the forthcoming GT1 World Championship when the series is launched, most likely in March. Asked when Nissan might announce any plans for the GT-R, Iwamoto replied that "it is very difficult to answer that question in the current financial climate."

Nismo's first GT-R racer was shaken down by Nissan Super GT regular Michael Krumm at Fuji in Japan in late December. Aston Martin Racing regular Darren Turner joined up with Nissan for the Sepang test.

Source : Autoweek

Hot Wheels Nissan GT-R

The first GT-R made in Malaysia ? I know there are at least a few real cars in Malaysia.
A few more pictures.

Source : Ben Paul Blog

Jan 20, 2009

VR38 vs VQ35 Block Pictures

Injected peformance posted up a few pictures comparing the VQ35 block from the G35/350Z to the VR38 block from the Nissan GT-R.
One more picture. Source : Injected Performance Blog

2010 Nissan GT-R Parts Restrictions

NNA is trying to keep a tight handle on Nissan GT-R Parts. This memo was sent out to Nissan dealers restricting what they can and can not order.

I am not sure how this will actually work out.


Jan 19, 2009

Nissan Still Working on SUV and Four Door GT-R Variations

Inside Line reports that Nissan is still working on a few variants of the Nissan GT-R.

The article says we could see a Porsche Cayenne fighting SUV around 2011. Also a Infiniti four door model is in the pipeline, coming as early as 2011.

Inside Line also mentions that the planned small rear wheel drive car is dead. No S16 in the foreseeable future. No Hyundai Genesis coupe rival.

V-8 Powered four door GT-R anyone ? Q45 replacement ? The GT500 cars already run a V8. The GT-R as a four door and an SUV would be heavy. An SUV would be an odd one, as they just released the FX50.

Source : Inside Line

Jan 18, 2009

Spec V - 7:20 at Nurburgring ?

The rumors are that the Spec V Nissan R35 GT-R will be able to turn a lap time under 7:20 seconds at the Nurburgring. No matter what it actually turns, every Porsche guy, Corvette guy,and Viper guy will deny it. The Spec V will be a tube frame race car on slicks, piloted by aliens, with a gas turbine under the hood. I heard that the Spec V official Nurburgring lap times were not going to be released. Rather Nissan was going back to the ring with their updated 2009(2010MY US) GT-R. Best Motoring tested the 2008(2009MY US) GT-R vs the 2009 GT-R and found it to be about 5 km/hr faster though corners.

Nissan says for the performance of the Spec V compared to its European rivals, the car is still a relative bargain.

The whiteboard is used to show Porsche and Ferrari Nurburgring lap times and prices. 7:50 for the 911 . 7:43 for the 911 . 7:32 for the GT2. The Spec V has 80 seconds of overboost,carbon brakes, 132 lbs lighter , and a titanium exhaust.

A link to a translated version of Car Watch.

Nissans Spec V Website

Nissans Spec V Configurator

Source :Car Watch via NAGTROC

Jan 17, 2009

2008 Year vs 2009 Year GT-R Comparision

Japan uses actual year of the vehicle. In the US they use model year. The US way is confusing to most. You can have a new 2010 car in 2009. It all depends on how the manufacturer classifies it. The Nissan GT-R sold in the US was classified as a 2009 model year, even though it was started to be sold in 2008.

The 2009 Year in Japan is quicker than the 2008 year.

Fast and Furious 4 Trailer - Dos

This time, you can see my hand.

Jan 16, 2009


South Side Performance has announced the release of their new upgrade turbos for the R35 GT-R. These turbos are new center sections with re-machined turbine housings, and compressor housings. The wastegate acutator is also upgraded to allow for more consistant boost pressures. While this is a good thing, I am interested to see how the clutches handle this upgrade. I have said from the start, making power with the engine is easy. People need to concentrate of the back end of the car. The transmission, the clutches.

The center section is a 53.8 on the exhaust side which is a Garrett T28 size. Used on the HKS 2530 though the GT-RS turbo. The compressor side at 68 mm seems like it might be a turned down 2535 or GT-RS compressor wheel. On paper, with a 68 mm wheel the turbos should be good for about 700-750 hp at the engine. A GT-RS with a 71.1 mm compressor wheel, and the same size exhaust wheel is good for about 400 hp each on a RB26.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota (January 16, 2009) – South Side Performance is offering, for the first time in the U.S., a turbo upgrade capable of 820 HP* for Nissan’s newest supercar.

After months of R and D, South Side Performance have found a turbo combination with greater efficiency, faster spooling, and a stock style fitment for ease of installation. The result is a kit capable of making 820 HP* (when combined with other modifications). Due to the high efficiency of these turbos, GTR owners can run lower boost and make more power. The result is one of the first true big power upgrades available for the R35 GTR.


These Garrett ball bearing turbos are a direct bolt-on that utilize CHRA oil lube and are water cooled. They require only one line to be changed and can be properly installed with basic tools and equipment. The price of the kit includes the machining each of the stock turbos and installation of an upgraded actuator, 53.8 mm turbine wheel, and 68 mm high pressure billet aluminum compressor wheel which is efficient up to 32 PSI.

The turbos were specifically designed to bring bigger power at lower boost and to utilize the fastest spooling turbos available for the size and application. The result is a turbo that makes more power at stock boost levels and starts making boost lower RPM’s than stock. This combination allows your GTR to enjoy the benefits of power lower in the power band that continues all the way to redline.

Price and Availability:

This upgrade is available exclusively from our distributor www.GT-RR.com

and will be available with exchange of the stock turbos for $6,499.00 or without exchange for an additional core charge. Turnaround time will be minimal, usually about one working week.

For a complete listing of South Side Performance products currently available please visit: http://gt-rr.com/r35/manufacturer/south_side_performance

For additional product information directly from South Side Performance, please contact us at: sspwholesale@rocketmail.com

Jan 12, 2009

TAS 2009 : Aero Buyers Guide - Nissan GT-R

Eric over at Beyond the Dyno put up a few pictures of R35 GT-R body kits at TAS 2009. He says he got sick of looking at a ton of stock cars around. As far as aero, I am pretty much against most of it. I am a bit anti-wing, anti non functioning body kits.

Some are ok, some are ugly.

Head over to Erics blog to check them all out

Complete Kei car conversion on a GT-R...

Wait, no , complete GT-R conversion on a Kei car. Or, what, I mean...ugh...

Source : Beyond the Dyno

Jan 10, 2009

2009 International Car Of the Year : The Winner IS...

The Nissan GT-R. Would there be another reason I might mention it on here ? Probably not. I should take some time, and list out all the awards that have been presented to the GT-R this last year.

Each year, a jury of well-seasoned automotive personnel give out the International Car of the Year awards in a big ceremony to kick off the North American International Auto Show festivities. This year will be no different, and the final nominees have officially been announced. The Dodge Challenger, Ford Flex, and Nissan GT-R will do battle for the International Car of the Year title, while the Dodge Ram 1500, Ford F-150, and Subaru Forester duke it out for the International Truck of the Year honors.

Thirteenth annual International Car of the Year Awards were held, hosted by Road & Travel magazine's editor-in-chief, Courtney Caldwell. The ballots had all been tallied, and from the original list of nominees, the following winners emerged.

International Car of the Year: Nissan GT-R
International Truck of the Year: Dodge Ram 1500

Source : Next Autos

Jan 9, 2009

Pimp My Ride ? : R35 GT-R at CES

Take one fully functioning near supercar at $80k(edit- he says he paid $110k on the car). Throw $30k(edit- he says he spent $125k) in ridiculous mods at it. Spend $20k on 500 lbs of stereo equipment. Airbrushing, forward opening hood. Big chrome wheels. Not only that, they are clueless enough to call it a Skyline GT-R. Obviously not my style, and I have an opinion on junk showcars. Do these guys just pull out a Dub Magazine, and apply what they see to anything ?

Why is it, that the guy that dreamed up this car is demanding my respect ? Why is it that people are asking me to lay off this car ? The car is junk. I don't have to like every car I see. I don't have to keep my mouth shut about why I don't like a car. You get respect when you earn respect. This car deserves no respect. Its exactly how you do not build a car. The guys that get it get it, the guys that don't well they never will.

Put lambo doors, that are about the most non-functional thing ever. If you have ever tried to deal with a car with "lambo" doors. We had a couple cars come though RB with them. Couple of peoples show cars. Non-Skyline cars. If you have to push them, you can't open the door far enough to get at the steering wheel. You can't get in, you can't get around the door. Just a waste of time and effort, for something that works about 20% as good as a normal door.

Source : NAGTROC

Blitz Rear Wheel Drive Manual R35 GT-R

Blitz has been working the last year on an R35 GT-R for drifting. It has shown up at Tokyo Auto Salon. Kris over at GT-R Blog says that the car is slated to compete in a future D1 season, but no solid dates. Maybe 2010 was what was listed by Kris.
Speaking with a Blitz representative, Kawabata-san, today we have learnt that Blitz have a desire to have Nomuken drive this car in an upcoming D1 season. While they wont commit to a definite date, 2010 was not out of the question.
Seems like a pretty big waste of time to make a slower, rear wheel drive car, that would cost every bit as much as a regular GT-R.
Blitz have not yet completed the car but the removal of a significant amount of AWD drivetrain has lightened the car considerably. The job’s not completed however so they cannot give a definitive answer on exactly how much.

The car is using a Holinger sequential transmission,and as you see in the pictures above, 3 pedals. Wouldn't a 370z just made a lot more sense, and cost a lot less money ?

Source: GT-R Blog

Jan 8, 2009

CNET 2008 Cartech Award Winner is...

The votes are in and the 2009 Nissan GT-R has won the 2008 Cartech car of the year award. It also won the "Worth losing your license" category. We will add this award to the awards the GT-R has won this year. Not a bad year for the GT-R.
In December we invited you to vote for the 2008 Tech Car of the Year from our five nominees. Well, no upset this year, as our staff judges agreed with the voting public, the 2009 Nissan GT-R is our Tech Car of the Year. Nissan has been putting top-notch cabin tech into its Infiniti models, and applied the same gear to the GT-R. But that's only the beginning, as you can almost feel the circuitry running through the GT-R's advanced suspensions and road-holding systems. Likewise, the engine is a pretty impressive piece of engineering, bringing in supercar acceleration from a V-6, not to mention the new double-clutch gearbox.

The GT-R has some faults, such as the overly stiff ride, which isn't really mitigated by the Comfort setting for the suspension. And we had some staff disagreement about that double-clutch gearbox: Brian Cooley found problems with using it in traffic, while Wayne Cunningham felt it worked very smoothly. But we couldn't deny the tech tour de force that the Nissan GT-R represents.

Amongst the other nominees, we all liked the creature comforts found in the Lincoln MKS, such as THX audio and gas prices fed right into the navigation system, but it lacked the under-the-hood tech of the GT-R. Ford may redeem itself with an upcoming twin turbo V-6 for the MKS. The BMW M3, especially with its double clutch gearbox, is very, very good, but it needed the cabin tech update it's getting in 2009. The Infiniti EX35 has some impressive new tech, and the Dodge Ram is surprisingly gadget-filled for a pick-up, but none of these cars quite came up to the level of the Nissan GT-R.

Worth losing your license

2009 Nissan GT-R

Runner up: 2008 Audi R8

With some cars, speed limits will make you cry. With its advanced driving gear, the Nissan GT-R is perfectly safe at 100 mph, but the authorities think in terms of lowest common denominator, so winding country highways get plastered with 55 mph speed limit signs. You will be more than tempted by the Nissan GT-R, its spectacular acceleration alone inviting a firm foot on the gas. But better check how many points you have on the license before crossing that line. The Audi R8, with its hard-core sports car looks, will likewise have you edging ever faster, until flashing red lights in the rear view mirror demand a sheepish pull over to the side of the road.
Source: CNET

Steve Millen Targa New Zealand.

Steve Millen talks about his experiences in the Ford GT and his plans for the Nissan GT-R in the Targa New Zealand.

Check it out. I heard that he was thinking about running the Targa Newfoundland also.

Nissan GT-R Spec V Video and Information

More information after the jump

  • 20 to 30 SpecVs it'll be producing each month when sales begin February 8th.
  • 132 pounds lighter than the standard model at 3,704 pounds.
  • Ultimate Opal Black paint job will set you back an additional $6,100.
  • Six-piston (front) caliper size remains the same, the discs have been upgraded to 390mm (15.35 inches) and fitted with SpecV specific brake pads. Nissan claims a weight savings of 11 pounds per corner and –2.0 Gs worth of stopping power
  • Overboost mid-range torque by 15 lb-ft (up to 449 lb-ft). A green light illuminates on the dash when the overboost function is enabled, giving drivers 80 seconds to perform any overtaking maneuvers

Source: Autoblog

Zele International Complete Car : Nissan GT-R

Zele International has started to take orders for their complete cars. The cars are going to be starting to be delivered March 30, 2009. Priced at 207,434 US Dollars , they are definitely out of the price range of most people. I wonder how many they will actually sell in this economy. Probably not that many.

1. Key Factors
Following the launch of the new generation supercar, the Nissan GT-R, at Tokyo Motor Show in October 2007, Zele International Limited has used its experience and knowledge from research and development on the road and track, to create the ultimate production car. To optimize the power-to-weight ratio, power delivery and handling, Zele International modified the GT-R’s engine, engine management system, suspension and aerodynamics.
ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition’s brain, the “FZ-ROM Type 3 ECU” increases engine power output to 550ps.
Titanium is used extensively in the exhaust system, and offers the benefits of weight saving, heat proofing and an exciting exhaust note.
Oil temperature management is also important to optimize the performance and as such, a rear differential oil cooler is fitted.
All of these modifications have improved the standard GT-R’s weak points and thus enhance the overall performance.

In order to optimize the GT-R’s power-to-weight ratio, Zele International Limited makes extensive use of carbon fiber. Dry carbon fiber is used for the roof, the front bumper, the rear spoiler and the side rear view mirrors. Further to this carbon fiber is used for front lip spoiler, side skirts, NACA hood air ducts, rear under spoiler and so on.

To optimize the handling for the ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition, Zele International Limited developed a height adjustable (HA) Conversion Kit that gives added features to the GT-R’s standard Bilstein shock absorbers. Using the Zele HA Conversion Kit, it’s possible to adjust the vehicle ride height as desired while retaining the standard Bilstein Damptronic System electronically adjustable damper functionality.
To enhance the GT-R’s considerable stopping power, Zele Sports Brake Pads are fitted to the standard Brembo aluminum brake calipers.
The wheels on ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition are Zele original RAYS 20 inch forged alloy wheels. Customers are given the choice of either GramLights R57GT or the new Volk Racing TE37 G2.

Holding you in place during high “G” cornering are a pair of Alcantara trimmed RECARO full bucket seats.

ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition offers an outstanding look with ZELE’s award-winning premium bodykit and Customized Paint Program which can be ordered in any color you choose.
At the SEMA Show 2008 in Las Vegas, U.S.A., ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition Proto was ranked as one of the top 13 cars by Mothers taking away the Mothers Choice trophy for design excellence.

2. Specifications and Equipments

NISSAN GT-R (R35) US-spec or EU-spec (LHD)

Exterior ZELE Customized Paint Program *1 *2
ZELE Dry Carbon Fiber Front Bumper *1
ZELE Dry Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors *1
ZELE Dry Carbon Fiber Roof *1
ZELE Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler *1
ZELE Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
ZELE Carbon Fiber Rear Under Spoiler
ZELE Carbon Fiber NACA Bonnet Air Ducts
ZELE Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler
ZELE Carbon Fiber Front Fender Air Ducts
ZELE Dry Carbon Fiber Front Grill
ZELE Dry Carbon Fiber Intake Cover
ZELE Dry Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud
ZELE Titanium Engine Hood Support Bar
Performance ZELE FZ-ROM ECU Type3 (Maximum Output 550ps) *1
ZELE Titanium Front-Mid Straight Pipe
ZELE Titanium Exhaust Muffler Type2 or Type3 *3
ZELE Rear Differential Oil Cooler Type2 *3
ZELE Original RAYS Gram Lights R57GT 20” Forged Aluminum Wheels
ZELE Original RAYS Volk Racing TE37 G2 20” Forged Aluminum Wheels *2
ZELE Height Adjustable Suspension Conversion Kit *4
RECARO Full Bucket Seats TS-G Alcantara
ZELE Sport Brake Pads

*1 Exclusively available for ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition
*2 Optional for ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition
*3 Rear Differential Oil Cooler available only when Titanium Muffler Type1 is ordered.
*4 The kit converts the standard Bilstein shock absorber to height adjustable suspension.

3. Exclusive Equipments for ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition

The brain for the ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition manages a significant maximum output increase to 550ps.

ZELE Dry Carbon Fiber Roof
The dry carbon fiber roof is as strong as a steel roof, yet weighs far less. It reduces weight from the highest point of the vehicle, lowering the center of gravity and reducing yaw during cornering.
The original steel roof is replaced with the dry carbon fiber one using the same adhesive used for SUPER GT race cars.

ZELE Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler
Using dry carbon fiber reduces the weight above the trunk lid significantly. The shape is optimized to produce more downforce with the Zele full bodykit. It allows ideal power delivery with less drag.

ZELE Dry Carbon Fiber Front Bumper
Using dry carbon fiber as the material, it reduces the overhang weight significantly. Weight reduction in this area provides better cornering. The design is the same as the standard award-winning Zele Front Aero Bumper.

ZELE Customized Paint Program
In ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition, there are no compromises. Customers with a particular color in mind will find Zele International Limited can mix the exact water-based metallic or pearl-effect shade desired.

4. Warranty
ZELE Performance Worldwide Warranty
The ZELE R35 GT-R Complete Edition is covered by Zele Performance Worldwide Warranty.
The Zele Performance Worldwide Warranty is a one year or 20,000km limited warranty with conditions based on the Nissan High Performance Center’s general warranty conditions.

5. Price
From 18,880,000 Japanese Yen* (207,434 US Dollars)
* Net price. Total price varies with the base car and options order.

6. Delivery Date
On sale: 30th March 2009.
Delivery: Estimated lead time is around 90 to 180 days, and may vary depending on availability of the base car.

7. Production Number
Limited production of eight units.

8. World Premiere
ZELE booth at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 with NAPAC
Makuhari Messe (Japan Convention Center)
Press Presentation: 9:00-18:00, 9th January 2009
General Opening: 9:00-18:00, 10th January 2009
9:00-17:00, 11th January 2009

9. Images
High resolution images are available at:

10. Company Profile Zele International Limited
6-23 Kubo-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-0061, Japan
Phone: +81-45-241-0330
Fax: +81-45-241-0340
http://www.zele-international.com/ (in Japanese)
http://www.zeleperformance.com/ (in English)

Zele International started as an independent Nissan Skyline specialized dealer in the Kanagawa prefecture in the year 2000. Since 2000, we have supported GT-R enthusiast owners, and have proudly earned a very good reputation among GT-R owners.
Many overseas customers have purchased Nissan GT-Rs from us, even though they may not have seen the car in person. Our great reputation in Japan has influenced our overseas customers as well.
When the Nissan GT-R supercar debuted, we began producing performance parts for the car.
Our passion and specialized skills helped us to distribute quality products to GT-R enthusiasts all over the world.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Pictures

Mike from Bulletproof Automotive posted a few pictures from setup day at Tokyo Auto Salon. Not so many words , lets just get on with the pictures. .

Source: Nagtroc via Bulletproof

STILLEN Releases R35 GT-R Brake Rotor Upgrade

STILLEN and AP Racing are proud to announce the release of upgraded Curved Vane Front and Rear Brake Rotors for the R35 Nissan GT-R. These AP Racing Rotors are a track-proven upgrade to the OE Brembo components.

The STILLEN / AP Racing Curved Vane Rotors utilize a curved-vane core (48 vanes) which allow for better thermal management, providing improved cooling over the OE pillar vane design. They also have 12 curved slots which improve pad bite and not prone to cracking under severe use, which the OE rotors are plagued by.

The need for these rotors became evident quickly when GT-R owners in the UK began touring various race tracks, and having issues with standard discs only lasting 2-3 track days at the maximum. AP Racing was contacted, and within a couple of weeks rotors were available and testing began.

Results were all positive, with no signs of cracking, and consistency of pedal and performance were reported.

Highlights from the STILLEN Product Page:

* Top quality, proprietary iron alloy with multi-stage thermal processing.
* Curved-vane core (48 vanes) for better thermal management under extreme use. More expensive to make, but improved cooling over the OE pillar vane design.
* 12 curved slots (not drilled!) to improve pad bite and resist cracking under severe use.
* Precisely balanced at high RPM for smooth operation at any vehicle speed.
* Friction faces finished on the latest generation twin-turning equipment, better DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) and less runout than typical double-disc grinding machines.
* Includes fresh hardware for track-day confidence every day.
* Added bonus: Even priced less than the standard OE discs!

Source : Stillen