Blitz Rear Wheel Drive Manual R35 GT-R

Blitz has been working the last year on an R35 GT-R for drifting. It has shown up at Tokyo Auto Salon. Kris over at GT-R Blog says that the car is slated to compete in a future D1 season, but no solid dates. Maybe 2010 was what was listed by Kris.
Speaking with a Blitz representative, Kawabata-san, today we have learnt that Blitz have a desire to have Nomuken drive this car in an upcoming D1 season. While they wont commit to a definite date, 2010 was not out of the question.
Seems like a pretty big waste of time to make a slower, rear wheel drive car, that would cost every bit as much as a regular GT-R.
Blitz have not yet completed the car but the removal of a significant amount of AWD drivetrain has lightened the car considerably. The job’s not completed however so they cannot give a definitive answer on exactly how much.

The car is using a Holinger sequential transmission,and as you see in the pictures above, 3 pedals. Wouldn't a 370z just made a lot more sense, and cost a lot less money ?

Source: GT-R Blog


Umai Kakudo said...

Sure a 370z would have made more financial sense but having the only R35 add 'ballerness' and 'impact' to the drift circus.

It will be plenty fast for drifting.

The FIA GT3 and SuperGT cars are RWD and are most certainly faster around a track than any AWD GTR will ever be (not a fair fight).

Sean Morris said...

Yes, the Super GT cars are faster around a track. They weigh under 3000lbs , make 500 hp, and run on 12 inch wide slicks, with full aero. They are pretty close to full fendered Formula Cars. Inboard suspension, carbon everything.

The problem I see here, is they have been working on this car over a year. They have had it before it released in Japan. Blitz had a hook up. They are saying "maybe 2010"... maybe. Thats a long time.

The last time I checked, D1 cars hit a lot of walls too. I watched Nomuken take his R34 out a couple times.

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