Jul 31, 2009

GT-R Meet : End of Summer at SP Engineering

SPFlyer1 SP Engineering is hosting an end of summer GT-R meet and BBQ September 19,2009 9am-4 pm. All Nissan GT-R’s are welcome, heritage and current.  424 Turnbull Canyon Road , City of Industry, CA 91745

Sign up at NAGTROC


Jul 28, 2009

Gumball Rally in a 750 Horsepower GT-R

car_photo_311341_25 David Yu wrote an article for Evo Magazine on the recent Gumball Rally. He co-drove one of the most powerful R35 GT-R’s in the US on the cross country tour. car_photo_311332_25


This extraordinary machine has been rolling-roaded at 750bhp at the wheels and been VBOX timed at 0-60mph in 2.72sec and 0-100 in 5.86. What’s perhaps most extraordinary is that it has completely stock engine internals and transmission. Which means that everything else has been heavily breathed on – turbos, intercoolers, injectors, fuelling and ignition maps, exhaust and induction, not to mention the various carbonfibre aero addenda.

Head over to Evo Magazine to view the whole story. car_photo_311335_25

Jul 24, 2009

2009 Nissan GT-R: You Write the Caption



I saw this picture over at Edmunds: Inside Line, and I had to post it.   Me and chickens seem to get along.  That doesn’t make any sense if you haven’t known me for a few years, but anyway, head over to Inside Line, and submit your caption for this picture.


Source : Edmunds Inside Line

Motor Trend Long Term test : 2010 Nissan GT-R

112_0909_01l 2010_nissan_GT_r front_view

Motor Trend Magazine just welcomed a 2010 Nissan GT-R into their long term test fleet.   The $84,040 GT-R drags an extra $2950 from your bank account vs the 2009 model. The minor updates for 2010 are five more horsepower, a new Transmission control computer for the GR6 transmission, new spring rates and revalved Bilstein dampers, darker wheel color, and standard side and curtain airbags.

3.5 seconds to hit 60 and 11.9 seconds at 120.1 mph to eclipse the quarter mile. The GT-R's handling and braking did not disappoint, either, registering 0.98 of maximum lateral grip, 24.4 seconds at 0.81 g through the figure eight, and a scant 103 feet halt from 60 to 0. Perhaps most impressive, the GT-R puts up these astonishing numbers while delivering 16/21 mpg city/highway fuel economy, thus avoiding the gas-guzzler tax (a claim an M3 can't even make).



Source : Motor Trend

Jul 21, 2009

Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GT-R

bugatti-pink What happens when you put 1001 hp vs 480 hp ? I think the outcome is pretty predictable. More than double the horsepower, both all wheel drive. 6 cylinder twin turbo vs 16 cylinder quad turbo. $80k vs $1.5 million. Although its not “that” pink Bugatti. Even in pink, the outcome would be the same. Evo Magazine does the test that the rest of us can only dream of doing.

Onboard : FIA V8 GT-R Looking Car at Paul Ricard

nssan-gtr-fia-gt1-580x401 Not really a GT-R.  Rather a V-8 Powered rear wheel drive car.   Not my favorite way to do it, but if thats what they need to meet the rules.

AAM GT800-R Turbo Upgrades


TOM659 Altered Atmosphere has started testing their GT800-R Turbo upgrades for the Nissan GT-R.  They have extracted 659 whp at 19 psi on 93 octane fuel though the catalytic converters, and are expecting 700 whp.  The modifications to the car are:


AAM Competition I/C Pipe Kit w SSQV
AAM Competition V.2 Intake Kit
AAM Competition W/G Actuators
AAM Competition GT800-R Bolt-On Turbocharger Upgrades
AAM Competition FPR Gauge Adapter
AAM Competition Oil Cooler Kit
AAM Competition Exhaust
AAM Competition 3" Catted Downpipes
AAM Competition 3" Resonated Mid-Pipe
HKS Spark Plugs
Denso 800cc Injectors
COBB AP - Custom AAM Tune



Source : Nagtroc Forums

Nissan GT-R Heads to South Africa

main Nissans supercar for anytime, anywhere is headed to South Africa as an official sold product.  There are going to be two models offered, the Premium and Black edition. The retail price for the Premium car starts at R1 175 000. It should hit showrooms in South Africa shortly.



Source : Nissan South Africa  and Motoring.co.za

Evo Magazine : Lotus Evora vs Nissan GT-R


Evora vs GTR

An interesting matchup.  Two very different cars that Evo Magazine decided to matchup in an article.  Based on price they decided to try the two cars out against each other.

It’s Lotus’s fault we have the GT-R along. Its decision to price the basic Evora roughly five grand above our expectations and announce that the first 200 would cost £58,460 still looks ambitious. This top-spec GT-R Black Edition is £1500 cheaper, our reigning Car of the Year and, incidentally, the first proper UK GT-R we’ve driven. Each is of the moment, too. A hero car keyed into the current climate, the Nissan is a cut-price 911 Turbo (‘more a junior Veyron’ is John B’s assessment), while the Lotus is an ozone-friendly sports car that promises 32.4mpg

I like this paragraph.   It goes against what some people say about the GT-R. That it has no feel, that its not “fun” to drive.

That was a warm-up. Today the GT-R is making mincemeat of the three cars in our main group test. Driving it you feel like a cat toying with a bunch of mice – you can let them run off a bit and then reel them back in at your leisure. Speed isn’t everything, though, and this stunning ability has led to accusations that the Nissan is devastatingly effective rather than deeply involving. Wrong – it’s both.

GT-R’s have always been cars that are easy to drive fast.  Easier to drive faster than its contemporaries.  The cars limits are much higher than most drivers can explore.   Head over to the Evo Magazine link for the full article.


Source : Evo Magazine

Jul 20, 2009

Forged Performance : AMS Turbo Upgrade GT-R Tuning :596 whp

AMS Turbo

Kris over at GT-R Blog posted a link to this video of a R35 Nissan GT-R tuned by Forged Performance.  596 wheel horsepower at 18 psi of boost on 91 octane fuel. 

Modifications on the car are :
  • AMS Upgraded Turbos 800cc Injectors Forge Actuators Greddy Intercoolers AAM Downpinpes CBRD Y-Pipe


Source : GT-R Blog

Jul 17, 2009

Nissan Korea to Release Nissan GT-R

nissan-korea-gtr Nissan Korea announced the availability of the Nissan R35 GT-R in the Korean market.  The 480 hp car is going to be in very limited supply.  Only 35 cars are to be sold at a price of 149,000,000(KRW, included VAT)


Source : Techblogger

Jul 15, 2009

Downtown LA Vs R35 GT-R's Photoshoot

Blatantly stolen from illPaynes blog. John Zhang shot these awesome shots. Terrance's blue R35 GT-R - "Royal T Blue" just jumps off the photos.

PWJDM : Carbon Front Lip with Brake Ducts

pwjdm-lip4 Steve from Password JDM posted on NAGTROC a few pictures of a new front lip with optional brake ducts they are developing for the R35.
this thing is available with MANY options to choose from... you can have Strakes, Brake Cooling Ducts, Sacrificial Delrin Skid Plates, Add on Splitter Extensions. and a few more bells and bullhorns.
It is carbon fiber construction with honeycomb for extra rigidity and toughness. Steve says they took to it with a baseball bat, and the baseball bat came out worse for wear. I don't recommend hitting your lip with a baseball bat. Curbs and driveways do enough damage.



SSP Billet Intake Manifold

 billetintakessp2 SSP is working on a billet intake manifold for the R35 GT-R. billetintakessp The larger volume of the intake/plenum should help horsepower and torque.

Click though for a video.

Jul 14, 2009

1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R : Show or Display Exemption

While talking about importation, Motorex, and Nissan Skyline GT-R’s in general on the R35 GT-R Forum – NAGTROC , I was informed that on the newest Show or Display list, that an R34 GT-R was on the list.  I found this interesting, as the car they listed did not exist.  I let the guys know that I would call the NHTSA- OVSC to get some clarification on it.

I talked to the NHTSA - OVSC yesterday. I spoke with Dick Merritt there that handles the Show or Display exemptions. The good way to get him going is to mention Skyline.  We had a 20 minute conversation, about many things Skyline related.   I mentioned to him that I met him in 1999 when I went to DC to talk to the OVSC then. 

When I asked for clarification what the R34 on the Show or Display list was, he said 1999 - Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Vspec , Early.  He said "they made less than 300."   

That is not true.  Vspecs were more popular than regular models .  I don't have the exact numbers but 5536 R34 GT-R's were sold in 1999.  Over the entire run of 12,175 cars , 7338 were Vspec;Mspec,VspecII;Nur , and 3962 were standard.
Anyway. He called Skylines "rocket ships" more than a few times. He said he would never want a car with so many computers in it, like the Porsche 959.  He wondered how anyone could, or would work on Skylines.

He said that he did not want the management to pass the R34 for Show or Display, but it was done without his approval.

Then he mentioned that no R34 has been brought in under the Show or Display exemption, because no one can do the EPA side of the requirements.

Jul 13, 2009

Sneak Peek: AP Carbon Ceramic Brakes for R35 GT-R

Sneak Peek: AP Carbon Ceramic Brakes for R35 GT-R. Stillen has been working on these carbon ceramic brakes for the GT-R. Back several months ago, I had a meeting and talk with Steve and Josh from Stillen. They talked a little about upgraded brakes, and I asked them then, if they were working on carbon ceramic. They confirmed it then, but this is the first photos and info on them.
Source : Stillen Blog

Jul 12, 2009

Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout

Modified Cover

The third annual Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout took place at Firebird International Raceway in Chandler, Arizona.  Eleven teams competed for the top spot. 

GST Motorsports returned to defend its overall and AWD class titles, Hasport (last year’s FWD class winner) joined forces with Tage Evanson and his K24-powered EG Civic (last year’s FWD runner-up) and RWD champ ScienceofSpeed returned as well, this time with an immaculately prepared Acura NSX. Perennial front-runners Crawford Performance and Factor X Motorsports Development were also back, and with first-timers Forged Performance and its R35 GT-R, Ksport and its turbocharged DC5 Integra Type-R, AFI Performance and its turbocharged S2000, Sportcar Motion and its all-motor EG Civic, and YimiSport/Full-Race and its GRB Impreza STI, it was anybody’s guess who might come out on top.

Forged Performance dragged their mildly modified Nissan R35 GT-R to the event,and finished third overall and third in AWD class. 

Engine HKS Legamax exhaust, racing center pipe and EVC 6 boost controller; AAM downpipe, Forged calibrated ECU via COBB AccessPORT
Suspension and Brakes JRZ triple adjustable dampers, Hyperco springs, Cobb antiroll bars, AP Racing J-hook rotors, Carbotech XP16 brake pads
Wheels and Tires Volk RE30 19x10" (f) and 19x11" (r) wheels, Toyo R888 305/30-19 tires
Interior Racetech driver seat, Schroth racing harness, partial removed interior

Chandler had a freak bout of downpour that really threw a wrench into the contest. The Autocross was done in several inches of water, and the dragstrips traction was adversely effected.

The Results

modp_0908_69_o third_annual_modified_tuner_shootout cumulative_points

Source : Modified Magazine

Jul 10, 2009

Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-400 vs Nissan GT-R

iMotor Magazine pitted the Nissan GT-R vs the UK edition Evo X FQ-400.  Head on over to check out the video and interactive magazine style format.




Source : GTR.CO.UK Forums

Jul 8, 2009


image002 South Side Performance has been at the forefront of Nissan GT-R Tuning in the US. From Clutch packs to turbos and intake plenums, they have many offerings.

Their newest upgrade part is an aluminum radiator. Even though the stock R35 GT-R radiator is good, and very well ducted, once you start upping the boost, or running it hard on the track, the car has a tendency to get hot.


SSP (July 8, 2009) – South Side Performance is offering, another first for the R35 GTR, our SSP  GTR 800 Aluminum Radiator.  This component is another in a line of SSP products that not only looks great but keeps your high horsepower GTR’s cool.

In weeks of testing GTR R35’s, SSP has vigorously worked hard to create a wide array of components for the VR38 engine.  SSP has experience with high horsepower AWD cars and knows that the radiator would begin to have cooling problems at the 700  horsepower  threshold.  The OEM radiator is going to be a point of weakness once certain power levels are exceeded. So, instead of responding to failures after they happen, SSP has designed a solution to prevent the GTR’s fire breathing engine from overheating.



Weight and quality materials were SSP’s main focus when deciding on a final design.  SSP utilized a lightweight aluminum 1.5” thick core.  SSP used an open fin spacing design which allows for an astounding 88 cooling tubes.  SSP’s new radiator design is a direct bolt in, and completely utilizes all the factory fittings.

Jul 7, 2009

2010 Nissan GTR Switzer P800 Package

Switzer Performance posted a video showing the before and after results of their P800 kit. The gains were pretty impressive
Hello, all! I know I've been neglecting the forums a bit of late, but we have been VERY busy with magazine road tests, trackdays, and more - and (now that it's been shipped) I can report on one more development: Switzer Performance has tuned and delivered a 2010 model year GTR!
Source: Nagtroc Forums

P800 Engine Compartment

Godzilla lives up to its name with a Switzer P800 kit installed. These cars are ready and able to chase down anything on the road, from exotic Italian supercars to the fastest streetbikes around, the Switzer P800 GTR Nissan is the ultimate pump-gas performer - yet remains smooth enough to drive every day.


18490 USD
Stock, the Nissan GT-R is fast. However take that same car and add the Switzer P800 kit, and it really flys. 10 second quarter mile times.
Switzer R900 Results - 9.88@141 mph
Check out some more Upgrade packages here!
P800 vs Bugatti Veyron Video 
GT-R vs Bugatti Veyron in the Wet 
STILLEN Stage 1 Upgrades
Youtube Videos

Jul 6, 2009

Quickest 1/4 mile Nissan GT-R’s in the US

This page will be updated soon
0612_turp_04z nissan_skyline_gtr_r33 engine_viewThese are the quickest Nissan GT-R’s that I know of in the US. Apexi’s R33 ran 8.47@165 , Signals R33 has run into the 8’s, a few other Japanese demo GT-Rs have run also, but they are not included in this list.
If you have one to add, email me.

Time GT-R Location Turbo Trans Power
#1 9.53 @ 157 mph Diemans R33 Wichita International Raceway Twin 3240’s HKS 1133 awhp
#2 9.73@145 mph Mikes R33
Twin RX6 Holinger ~940 whp
#3 9.77 @145 mph Aki R32 Fontana,CA T51R SPL HKS ~900 whp
#4 10.3@138 mph SP Engineering R33 Famoso,CA T51RSPL Holinger ~975 whp
#5 10.31@131 MVP GT-R R35 Texas SSP Stock ~600 whp
#6 10.36@135mph Scott Joule – R32 Arizona T51R SPL Stock 5spd 850whp
#7 10.42@137 mph
XS Engineering R32 Fontana,CA Twin 2835 Getrag 850 whp
#8 10.53@128 mph Samurai Speed R35 Florida Stock Stock ~600 hp
#9 10.63@131 mph Wen R33 Fontana, CA T51R SPL OS Gearset 850 whp

As you can see from the list, the T51R SPL is a fairly popular turbo. Two smoking fast R35 GT-R’s . There should be one in the 9’s soon.

7:26.7 Nurburgring Video

The video of the 2010MY Nissan GT-R has finally been released. The SpecV ? Well it did just run Goodwood, but no times or videos it at Nurburgring yet. There have been rumors of sub 7:20 runs, but I guess we will know, when Mizuno wants to tell us.

Source : GTR Blog

Stillen Targa New Foundland R35 GT-R Gets Painted

Even though I personally feel that red cars are faster, Stillen has decided to change the color of their R35 for the Targa Newfoundland event.

The new color doesn't look bad. Click "read more" to see the new color and some of the Password JDM carbon fiber parts.

Orange is ok too. I like orange.
Source : Stillen Blog

Nissan GT-R SpecV at Goodwood Test Drive

Pistonheads got a chance to get in a Nissan GT-R SpecV at Goodwood this last weekend. The plans for the SpecV sales in the UK have not been announced, but this particular car had been at Nurburgring testing.

European marketing manager Simon Croft drove the car over from Germany for the event (he’s making the return trip today), but even he wouldn’t be drawn on the prospects of this £100k-plus car coming to a showroom near you anytime soon; ‘the numbers are still being crunched’ remains the official line.

I think that even a quick run, or a ride in a SpecV at Goodwood sounds like fun. Interesting "skull and crossbones" graphics. Smiley face and pistons.It looks familiar.

First up is a set of carbon brakes, which have been reported elsewhere as costing an eye-watering £35k on their own – apparently due to higher carbon content than ‘ordinary’ carbon-ceramic discs as fitted to Porsches, Lambos, etc.

Next is a turbo-boost button on the steering wheel which gives you an extra 14lb ft of torque for 80 seconds in any gear above third, while other performance mods include a new titanium exhaust with quad tailpipes that save 6kgs of weight over standard, plus a new front splitter, carbon rear wing, new rear diffuser, and black RAYS wheels with bespoke Bridgestone tyres.

Source : Pistonheads

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Jul 5, 2009

Hot Wheels Nissan GT-R

Only $2.99 most places. Around that. Near that.

This way everyone can own a GT-R or two.

Source : Nismo Stuff

Learn More You Tube: Partner Video Downloads

You have the option of downloading and storing your favorite Partner videos and watching these videos even without an internet connection. To download Partner video:

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1043 whp R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R on the dyno
Ford GT40 Palm Springs - In Headlight Video
Nissan R35 GT-R Roll in at the GT-R Owners Meet
1970 Chevelle 6.6 Duramax Engine
1023 whp R33 GT-R on the dyno

2. Below the video's play bar in the lower left hand corner, you'll see a 'Download' button.
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Download some videos

Source : You Tube

Jul 4, 2009

Mines R35 GT-R SpecX 6.0

Sexy. Mines cars are always pretty minimal, but they are always fast, always clean. No overboard flashy, gold paint jobs, no widebody kits. Dino Dalle Carbonare shoots some awesome shots, with an article on Mine's newest R35 GT-R, the SpecX 6.0.

Head over to SpeedHunters for all the pictures and how the car did on the track.

Source: SpeedHunters