Car and Driver Magazine : August 2008

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""The Ultimate Track Test!"

The order:
4th Place: Chevrolet Corvette Z06
3rd Place: Dodge Viper ACR
2nd Place: Porsche 911 GT2
1st Place: Nissan GT-R"
Some more information... cut and pasted

"Car 0-60 1/4 mph top speed track time mag ranking

Corvette 3.8 11.9 124 198 2:01.7 4

Viper 3.4 11.8 126 180 1:55.7 3

GT-R 4.1 12.6 111 191 2:01.1 1

911 gt2 3.7 11.8 121 206 1:59.7 2 "

Pretty weak results for the GT-R. About a second slower in the quarter. 2:01 is about 5 seconds slower than Steve Millen went around the track in a an R35 during the Road and Track test.

The issue should be out soon. More information then. Its funny how different, magazines test results can be. Just goes to show you have to take everything with a grain of salt.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about C&D's subjective comparison results? If you care about subjective comparisons, why not include C&D's July test where they chose the M3 over the GT-R?

Also, I like how you omit the track times from the August C&D comparo where the Viper and Porsche absolutely embarrass the GT-R.

Sean Morris said...

I did not omit them, they were not listed when I posted this. When I get them , I will post them.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why C&D would compare the Viper ACR, Corvette Z06 with lowly rivals such as the GT-R and GT2. They made it perfectly clear in their previous issue that the BMW M3 is superior to both the Porsche Turbo and Nissan GT-R. Maybe C&D should have compared the Viper ACR to the oh-so-civil-and-practical BMW M3.

C&D is losing credibility FAST.

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