All Wheel Drive Controller for R35 GT-R ?

EMCD cutaway
Nissan's and Subaru's have shared the same suppliers for many of their parts. Sometimes little things, sometimes larger things. The first time I got into a WRX I noticed the window switches were the same as a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.
The Nissan Skyline GT-R R32-R34 used an all wheel drive system called ATTESA.  The ATTESA system was a wet clutch in the center differential that was locked up, or engaged though hydraulic pressure from the ATTESA pump. The ATTESA system uses the wheel speeds, TPS, and G-Sensor to vary the output pressure of the ATTESA pump. A few companies, and even some individuals have made ATTESA system controllers, that allow them to tune the ATTESA system to their liking.  HKS has their ETC, Grid has a Dancer, Field had a toque split controller. Autospeed posted an article called “Godzilla Tamed”, with an explanation of what they disliked about the ATTESA system in the R32 GT-R and what they did to change it.   So far I haven’t noticed any parts for the R35, but that may be changing soon.

NickTO from NAGTROC forums noticed that the R35 GT-R and the Subaru use the same EMCD – electro magnetic control device – produced by GKN Driveline.  The EMCD center differential uses the same plug, and voltage outputs, but they have not tried a DCCD controller on an R35 GT-R as of yet.
Neetronics produces a center differential controller for the Subaru that should work for the R35 GT-R.  Like many things in the aftermarket, some things should be left alone, but the ability to “tune” the center differential is something some drivers want to have.
Neetronics Diff Controller
New features of Version 1.9 Software
Our PDC-01 dccd controller has sold worldwide to many Subaru owners for all sorts of applications. Many of our users have communicated to us their setups and suggestions. We have worked over the last six months to implement as many of those suggestions as possible. As a result, below you will find a list of the resultant changes. We intend our dccd controller to be not only a controller but also a learning device. DCCDs are relatively new devices and as a result are still largely unknown. Some of our changes are meant to help more and more people to learn how can a dccd be better used.
Speed Based Duty Cycle Limiter
This enables the vehicle to vary in speed. As the speed increases if the dccd is too tight there may be a tendancy for the car to push (understeer) in corners especially on slippery surfaces. A duty cycle limiter can be set for every speed from 10Km/h to 160 Km/h.
Launch Mode
The launch mode we created, if enabled, monitors the vehicle speed and throttle position. When the vehicle comes to a complete stop for several seconds without moving while the driver pushes the throttle above “LTRG” the unit will enter launch mode. Once launch mode is active and while to vehicle is not moving (speed=0) the duty cycle output will be 15%. Since it is unknown how long the vehicle may be waiting to launch it was decided to output 15%. This is intended to prevent the dccd from seeing high duty cycles until it really needs to. A soon as any of the wheels start turning the Neetronics dccd will output the “LOVR” (launch over ride) duty cycle. The user can define what this duty cycle is but typically it will be a very high duty cycle to ensure that on hard launches that the centre diff will not slip at all. The “LOVR” will continue to be applied to the DCCD until the vehicle has exceeded the “LXSP” (Launch mode exit speed) which is also user definable.

Source : NAGTROC , GKN , and Neetronics DCCD

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