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Joe from Cobb Tuning has just posted some information on Beta testing that is starting on the TCM (Transmission Control Module) for the R35 GT-R GR6 Transmission. The post is fairly detailed, so I will copy it and post it here in its entirety.

Over the last couple of months we at Cobb Tuning have been working on cracking the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Well, we've done it! We are proud to announce that we now have the capability to flash TCMs over OBDII . Yes, that is correct. Over OBDII. There is no reason to remove the TCM from the car!
With the success of the AccessPORT and the power gains that many of you have experienced first hand, there has been a need to be able to tune the TCM at the same time that the ECU is being modified. We now have that capability and have built it into the AccessPORT. We are currently working through the 4,500 tables that are in the TCM and soon hope to have the same level of understanding of the TCM as we have of the ECU.
We are still working through all the crazy logic in the TCM because we do not fully understand it yet. Due to this, we will be rolling out the TCM flash capabilities out in a few different phases:
Phase 1:
Beta testing of JDM TCM speed limit removal. As many of you know, Nissan was kind enough to add a speed limiter to the TCM shortly after releasing the 2008 JDM GT-R. The 2008-2009 JDM GT-Rs have a speed limiter in the TCM set to 202 km/h. We will begin beta testing of this capability as soon as we have recruited a few JDM GT-R owners to validate what we've done.
We are currently looking for any 2008-2009 JDM GT-R owners to join in the testing. We have tested the speed limit removal here on our 2008 JDM GT-Rs, so we are confident that it works. We just need more people to test it before we release to everyone.
Requirements to be a beta tester:
* Own a 2008-2009 JDM GT-R
* Own an AccessPORT (not really a requirement as you can always purchase an AccessPORT and then join the group. It will just be faster if can find a few JDM GT-R owners out there that already have an AccessPORT)
* Have experienced the 202 km/h speed limiter
* Be willing to drive your car is a safe and secure manner in order to verify what we've done
Phase 2:
We will release a firmware update for AP-NIS-005 that will have the capability of removing the Speed Limiter on all 2008-2009 JDM GT-Rs. That will be the extent of the AP-NIS-005 TCM flashing ability.
Phase 3:
We will be releasing a new AccessPORT part number (AP-NIS-006). The AP-NIS-006 AccessPORT will be a the world's first consumer hand held ECU and TCM tuning device. The price of AP-NIS-006 will be $1,495.
By the start of Phase 3, AP-NIS-006 will be able to switch between Launch Control version 1 (LC1) and Launch Control version 2 (LC2). By this time we also hope to have a basic understanding of the TCM and the tables that need to be modified in order to handle the increased horsepower that many tuners and enthusiast are seeing.
Along with the release of the AP-NIS-006 part number we will be starting an upgrade program. Any current AP-NIS-005 AccessPORT can be upgraded to AP-NIS-006 for $500. For the foreseeable future this will require that the AP-NIS-005 AccessPORT be sent back to COBB Tuning for us to perform the update to AP-NIS-006.
Phase 4:
Phase 4 will involve releasing AccessTUNER PRO software that includes the ability to custom tune LC1 and LC2 TCM's. In order to flash the TCM (aside from speed limiter removal), the AccessPORT must be an AP-NIS-006.
Time frame:
Phase 1: Beta testing starts immediately. If you would like to take part in the beta testing and the requirements outlined in Phase 1 please PM us with our contact info. As soon as we have a small group set up we will send you the info that you need.
Phase 2: Depending on how the beta testing goes, the release of the new AP-NIS-005 firmware that removes the JDM speed limiter will shortly follow.
Phase 3: Assuming that beta testing goes quickly, the release of the new AP-NIS-006 AccessPORT and the upgrade program for the AP-NIS-005 AccessPORT will start in about 2 months.
Phase 4: The release date of AccessTUNER PRO that can create custom TCM maps for the GT-R will be set at a later time. Reverse engineering is hard, and the release of the software is dependent on our level of understanding of the TCM.
Conclusion :
The process of reverse engineering the TCM is very similar to reverse engineering the ECU. We are confident that as time goes by we will understand the TCM as well as we understand the ECU. We are very excited about the possibilities that TCM flashing presents and we will keep everyone posted on our progress.
Can you flash the TCM via the OBDII port?
Yes, just as the AccessPORT flashes the ECU via the OBDII, the AccessPORT can flash the TCM via the OBDII.
How long does it take the AccessPORT to flash the TCM?
Around 6 min. The AccessPORT can flash the TCM faster than it can flash the ECU.
What level of access do you have to the TCM?
We have found the speed limiter present in the 2008-2009 JDM GT-Rs and we have identified 4,500 tables in the TCM. The effort to understand the tables is underway. There are many tables that will not ever be modified, but we are working on finding the tables that will be useful for tuning.
Will the AccessPORT save my MINES TCM reflash?
Yes, just like with the ECU, the AccessPORT has the capability to download and backup the TCM ROM.
How long does it take the AccessPORT to dump the TCM ROM?
It take 8 to 16 minutes depending on if you have a V2B or V2 AccessPORT.
Will the Nissan Black Box record that I've flashed my TCM?
Our best guess is yes. Nissan has the capability to record ECU flashes, so we assume they will do the same for the TCM.
Will flashing my TCM void my warranty?
Nissan will probably have the ability to see that you've flashed your TCM, and at that point it is up to them if they honor your warranty or not.
What is AP-NIS-005 and what does it mean?
AP-NIS-005 is the part number that we have assigned to the 2008-2010 GT-R AccessPORT. If you have purchased an AccessPORT for your GT-R to date, it is an AP-NIS-005.
Why the two part numbers AP-NIS-005 & AP-NIS-006?
Not everyone will want or need the capability to flash tuned maps to the TCM. We do not want to charge customers for a capability that they will never use.
Why does AP-NIS-006 cost $500 more than AP-NIS-005?
Reverse engineering the GT-R TCM is a process that is just as intensive as reverse engineering the ECU. The level of effort required to develop and enhance this capability is significant and requires COBB to dedicate top resources to it. The additional cost is to offset the expense of developing TCM flashing and tuning capability.
How much does it cost to upgrade a AP-NIS-005 to a AP-NIS-006?
We are charging $500 to upgrade AP-NIS-005 to AP-NIS-006, which is the difference between the AP-NIS-005 and a new AP-NIS-006. With this upgrade you will be able to flash different maps to your TCM as well as your ECU.
Why are you only charging $500 for the upgrade?
With the fact that there is no need for new hardware or a new AccessPORT, the only cost to us in developing the TCM flash is our Engineer's and Calibrator's time and effort. The fact that we are able to add this as a new feature to the current AccessPORT device makes it so that we do not have to charge the end user for new hardware.
Will all AP-NIS-005 AccessPORTs have the capability to flash the TCM?
Yes, but it is limited to disabling the Speed Limiter. AP-NIS-005 will not have the ability to flash other performance maps to the TCM. In order to flash a performance or custom map to the TCM with your AccessPORT you will need to upgrade your AP-NIS-005 to an AP-NIS-006.
How much are other companies charging for ECU/TCM reflashes?
We are aware of a few Japanese companies that are charging upwards of $2,000 for a single ECU and TCM reflash. Other companies are charging much more for just a TCM flash. Even though other companies may understand more of the logic in the TCM as of right now, we will gain an equal understanding of the TCM in a short time. In addition, the AP-NIS-006 AccessPORT will allow unlimited ECU and TCM reflashes with all of the additional cool features inherent in the AccessPORT device (data logging, live data monitoring, map switching, DTC reading and clearing, performance measurements, etc.).
Source : Nagtroc

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