Tomei Poncams for the R35 GT-R


Camshafts for the VR38DETT engine have been pretty scarce so far. Only Mines having released a set so far at 138,000 yen($1480).  It has not stopped cars with stock camshafts from pushing over 700 horsepower to the wheels.The more lift and duration a camshaft has, the more potential power, higher in the rev range, a car will make.

While these camshafts are pretty mild, they should make a noticeable difference to the VR38 engine. GT-R Blog posted up some pictures and specifications on Tomei’s cams, and they sound a lot like the Mine’s cams. 256 degrees –10.2 mm lift on the intake side , and 264 degrees 10.5 mm on the exhaust side.  The stock cams are 238 degrees 9.56 mm on the intake, and 248 degrees 9.88 mm on the exhaust.

The Tomei cams are priced at 134,000 yen($1435US) for the set or , 67,200 yen($720US) for the exhaust only. In my experience with the RB26, Tomei produce some of the best hard parts around.


Source : GT-R Blog

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