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Super Street has just posted an article online about the Mines R35 GT-R. Anyone that has watched any of the Best Motoring videos online has seen what Mines has done in the past with Nissan Skylines, and it is always impressive, understated, and fast.

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Mine's carefully chose what they wanted to do to improve the overall performance of the GT-R. The ECU was something Mine's specializes in and once they cracked it, they took full advantage of it by increasing performance and improving engine response. The engine itself is stock but covered underneath a black carbon engine cover. The air filter is Mine's VX Air filter. A new lightweight titanium exhaust system was added to compliment the increased outage from the new settings from the ECU. Now there's 550bhp at 6400rpm from 480bhp at 6400rpm stock.


Source: Super Street Magazine

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Jeff C said...

550hp.......that was like 2 years ago! No wonder magazines are dying.

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