823 Wheel Horsepower Nissan GT-R

Highest Horsepower in the World ?  This remains to be disputed.  This Nissan GT-R, tuned by Boost Logic,  was run rear wheel drive only, by disengaging the front propshaft, and layed down 823 wheel horsepower and 670 ft-lbs of torque at 25 psi of boost. 
This car features our turbo kit, intercooler, exhaust system, and our fuel system. The turbos on this setup are Journal Bearing so there is definitely spool to be had on simply upgrading that

However, yesterday SP Engineering's GT-R made 816 all wheel horsepower/770 ft-lbs of torque. The clutch started to slip when they tried to run 1.8 bar so they stopped the tuning at 816.9 all wheel. I have to give them that 0.9 hp.

At 1.7 BAR, we've reached 816 ALL wheel hp / 770 Torque from a baseline of 395-400. As our previous setup 4-5 months back we've accomplished 780 All wheel hp on Q16. This proves the Greddy turbo kit produces great numbers from 3500 RPM at 360 AWHP, 4000 RPM at 520 AWHP and so on. Massive turbo response and power all the way up to 850 awhp is what you will receive from this kit. With the help of aftermarket cams, stroker kit, etc, power levels will definitelly be greater.
The dyno wars and 800+whp GT-R wars begin.  Now they just need to be able to get the transmission to shift at high RPM and load, and we should have some 9 second cars on our hands.
Source : NAGTROC forums  and NAGTROC forums

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