Daily Godzilla: Living with the Nissan GT-R

Motor Trend has a long term Nissan GT-R test car that Arthur St. Antoine recently posted an online blog .
What I noticed right away is how well our family Godzilla has held up. The odo is showing around 23,000 miles now, and -- rest assured -- all but maybe a couple hundred of those have been clocked with the twin turbos whirling in fury. The GT-R hasn’t complained. It starts easily, idles smoothly, doesn’t creak or groan or rattle.
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He does mention something about the transmission having a hiccup, but it might just be the transmission needing an adjustment. The clutch touch point, and capacity can be adjusted in 15 different steps by the dealership. This is part of the Performance Optimization Service.
A few premium rides might ultimately be faster, but in almost any impromptu stoplight or freeway acceleration-flexing the GT-R is going to triumph. It’s simply blinding out of the gate (aided, of course, by all-wheel drive), and the combo of its high-pressure six and rifle-shot dual-clutch shifter create withering, all but foolproof sprints. Most drivers already seem to know this. Such is the street cred of the GT-R: You’ll notice hot cars pulling up behind or alongside for an admiring look, but they tread lightly. No one wants to risk getting bitten by Godzilla.
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The GT-R is fast. Lose your license fast if you aren’t careful. Just plodding along on the freeway, dip into the throttle to pass a slower car, and 90 mph comes up very quickly. Motor Trend named the Nissan GT-R their car of the year for 2009.

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