HKS Premium Day Pictures

Garage Defend R35

Daryl from Tunerlab posted up a huge lot of pictures from the HKS Premium day at Fuji Speedway.

In my opinion, this event was far better than the Tokyo Auto Salon and Nismo Festival. HKS has really worked hard to make this a memorable event for the fans. Also, compared to the complete lack of R35 GT-Rs at the Nismo Festival, the HKS Premium Day features highly-tuned R35s from various shops.
This day consisted of 3 events, run one in the morning and once in the afternoon.
1) Hiper Challenge - HKS fans and customer racing
2) Option FSW Super Lap - racing between various tuning shops such as ATTKD, Pan Speed, Yashio Factory, Auto Select, HKS, HKS Kansai, Top Fuel, Esprit, etc.
3) R35 GT-R Battle - a battle of GT-Rs between Esprit, MCR, Garage Yawata, Garage Defend, Screen, Sunline Racing and HKS.

HKS Technical Factory R35

HKS Technical Factory R35 GT-R

Screen R35

Screen R35 GT-R

R35 GT-R

I like the wheels and stance on this car. Plus red is faster.

R35 SpecV

A Nissan GT-R SpecV.

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