Password JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Seat Delete


When developing a true function-over-form product for the R35, sometimes the end-result happens to be extremely aesthetically pleasing as well! We had to put our thinking caps on when bringing a real “game changer” rear seat delete alternative to market… the premise for the design and build was to delete the rear seat and delete all the stuff required for the rear seats. this premise came about since we find the factory rear seats near useless by design. there was hardly any leg room, so why even bother. reducing as much weight as possible without making this car look bare and naked has been our agenda since day one. The PWJDM Rear Seat Delete project has followed this directive to a T.

Priced at $2899.99 the dry carbon seat deletes are not an inexpensive way to get rid of the rear seats. I did not see how much weight they save, but the stock rear seats are not very heavy. Although nicer than the SpecV cover for the rear seats, does the price make sense ? GT-R Tax.

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Item Reviewed: Password JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Seat Delete Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Sean Morris