HKS GT II Turbochargers for R35 GT-R

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In conjunction with HKS Premium day at Fuji Speedway, HKS announced a new turbo series named the GT II turbine. The turbos feature ball bearing housing with an inline turbo oil filter to keep debris out of the center section.  The turbos are going to be specifically made for the right and left hand bank of a V series engine, separate housings for each side. They claim that this will help balance the turbos output for each bank of a V engine.

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Large compressor wheel and inlet.
Fully divorced exhaust housing. This helps to separate the wastegate bypass and the exhaust gases.The problem with a fully divorced outlet is they sometimes crack due to the high heat. Normally a partially divorced outlet works out a little better for longevity. This is HKS, so they do know what they are doing.  The turbine wheel looks fairly small, just as it is in the stock turbo setup.
HKS tested the SpecV turbo chargers and did 730ps. You can see the comparison here:
Source GTR World via GTR Blog

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