Sumo Power/JR Motorsports Factory Tour

Sumo Power has been in the GT-R world for a long time.  Known for being the UK HKS dealer, Sumo Power has done everything from drag racing to time attack. Just recently they became one of two teams running the FIA GT1 GT-R.  Jonathan Moore from Speedhunters took a tour of the Sumo Power/JR Motorsports Factory.
Sumo Power GT600 Skunkworks development car.

Sumo Power Fuujin R33 GT-R Drag Car
If you look at that last lift in line, you will see one of the FIA GT1 GT-R’s on a lift.
AutoDyn 880 all wheel drive dyno which has a 1500 hp capacity. The dyno is in a sound proof room that has fans that can simulate road airflow.
Source: Speedhunters

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