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Carter from Import Tuner wrote in the May 2010 issue of Import Tuner Magazine, 10 reasons he likes the Z34 370Z , more than the R35 GT-R. The 370z is certainly a great sports car, but it does look like a redheaded stepchild next to the GT-R. 
A couple of the reasons Carter likes the 370z.
10. Clutch pedal. Micro-second shifts are for the birds. I'll take my half-assed heel-toe over paddle shifters any day.
6. Curb weight. The R35 weighs in at around 600 lbs heftier than the Z34, or the equivalent of the former cast of Jon & Kate Plus Eight or one and a half The Biggest Loser contestant(s).
4. Price. Can you afford an R35? I sure can't. Take away the fact that I work in print-automotive print, at that-unless I made well into six figures, I'm more likely to score with Olivia Munn than an R35.
Twice in this short post, he mentions Olivia Munn. I think he might have a thing for her.  I will have to ask him. Those three points are all valid points.  The clutch is a sticking point for a lot of people, however for the future the third pedal is going away. Emissions requirements mean taking the shift control away from the driver. 
Weight .  Well…. all wheel drive, twin turbo.  Yes its heavy. Its going to be heavy. If it were smaller, less powerful,slower, and had less amenities, we would call it a Mitsubishi Evo or a Subaru WRX.
impp_1006_01_o initial_timing under_chassis
7. Roadster. So this one's a bit of a stretch, I know. But still, the GT-R has not and does not come in an SPF-friendly iteration.
Roadster ? I think Carter might be turning gay on us. Next we know, he will be in a bright pink Miata or a New VW Beetle. I wonder if he sold his Nissan Skyline GT-R ?  Carter has had an R32 and an R33 Skyline GT-R.
2. Tunability. 370Z + Bolt-on modifications = GT-R killer. Proof? Super Lap Battle, November 2009: Our project Z34 (p. 66) spanked not one, but two modified R35s. Let that swirl around for a minute. Two, as in a pair of GT-Rs.
A 370z beating modified GT-R’s at the track ?  More a matter of the correct steering wheel gasket than the car.  The Greddy twin turbo, coilovers, 380mm braked, and Tyler McQuarrie driven Z did a 1:59 at Buttonwillow race 13.  Steve Millen in a stock GT-R managed a 1:56 during one magazines test.  The correct driver is worth seconds and seconds of time. 
Rear wheel drive may be fun, but I like all wheel drive for that grip on the street, and on the track, that just can’t be matched.
Source: Import Tuner


Jeff C said...

This is why I stop reading magazine like the Import Tuner, feels like listening to a high school kid talk. Next they are going to say the GTR is better then the Veyron because it is cheaper.....

Unknown said...

within 3 seconds of a stock GTR is pretty good

buu said...

Initial cost plus servicing cost plus parts cost = 370z Winner!

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