Switzer P800 Video : 0-177 mph

Tym Switzer posted up a video of one of the latest Nissan GT-R builds to come out of his shop.  The collective effort of several parties, tuners, the Cobb Accessport has really started to work out for tuning the engine and the TCM to get the R35 to shift.  0-177 mph or 284 km/hr.   60 mph comes up in about 3 seconds. 100 mph comes up in about 6 seconds.  This car moves. 


I estimate the current power at about 750 or so whp and approx 720 wtq. The shifts in the video clip were all made at 7000+ rpm to see if it would complete the shifts under full power.
Happy to report that I can see no evidence of clutch slippage in the data that I gathered today. The car is driving with what I would consider "stock like" driveability ... probably could be compared to R mode in stock form. The shifts are all firm and immediate.

Source : Nagtroc

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