Technical Overview from MotoIQ : Cobb Tuning Time Attack GT-R

MotoIQ’s Mike Kojima just posted an article on the Cobb Tuning time attack Nissan GT-R.  The article is a very good technical overview of the Cobb R35. From the engine, to the transmission, to cooling, bodykit, wheels, brakes, and cooling, MotoIQ addresses it all.



Mocal oil to water cooler that uses engine coolant to cool the transmission oil. I personally am not a big fan of multi stage setups like this, as I would rather just use air to cool the oil, as every time you have to transfer heat, you lose efficiency, and you add complexity.


Stock brakes with Performance Friction brake pads and ducting.  Ducting is very important to help keep rotor temperatures consistant.  On a car like a GT-R it is difficult as you have a front mounted caliper, and a front driveshaft in the way.  The air should be directed at the center of the rotor to cool from the center out.

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Source : MotoIQ

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