Switzer P800 Track Animal Nissan GT-R

Jalopnik posted an article on a recently finished Switzer P800 tuned R35 GT-R.
The Switzer P800 package brings 740 awhp to the table, this car adds, or takes away from that, depending on how you look at it, some weight.  The biggest, most expensive upgrade, next to the actual P800 upgrades are the Stillen AP carbon ceramic brakes.  The 4 brake rotors come in at about 1/2 the weight of the aluminum hatted steel rotors.

Taking away more weight is a dry carbon fiber trunk, and Bridge racing seats, all together dropping the curb weight by 200 lbs. Still fully streetable, and with little compromise.


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Sean Morris said...

STILLEN/AP Racing Carbon Ceramic Matrix brake rotors are 38 lbs lighter, and 20 mm larger than the factory rotors.

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