What Not To Buy – Ebay Intercooler

When it comes to car parts is cheaper better ?  If cheaper is better then this is the best intercooler in the world. $49 with $55 for shipping. It ships worldwide except to Italy.  These are the type of parts that I get to see on peoples cars. Welds split, tubes blown out.   The kids see the price, and figure cheaper is better, and try to install it on their car. It lasts a month before it destroys itself, and costs a turbo or engine.
Not everything needs to be expensive, but once you get a chance to be around quality made products, you pick the better made, more expensive parts.
This is a twin core intercooler unit. This is perfect for twin turbo sport cars like Fairlady, Skyline GTR and other V6 / V8 Engines.

Source : Nagtroc

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Anonymous said...

Wow, imagine a GT-R owner spending $49 on an intercooler rofl

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