Nissan GT-R Spec M Rumors

Motor Trend is reporting more on the Nissan GT-R Spec M rumors that have been floating around the interweb.The R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R had a MSpec or “Man spec” version. It had softer dampening in the suspension, and leather interior. Less boy racer, more grand touring car.
The Spec M is supposed to take a spot above the Spec V with a sticker price of around $210,000 when it goes on sale in December. Only 30 cars are supposed to be built, making this a very limited production car for a company like Nissan.  One would almost wonder why they would even bother.

The Spec M interior is supposed to get upgrades with higher quality leathers, alcantra, and carbon fiber. Perhaps Nissan is looking at the Lexus LF-A, and trying out the market.
Other upgrades include a 15hp bump over the standard car, Spec V Carbon Ceramic Brembo brakes, new wheels , new gear ratios, and an extra oil cooler.
Don’t expect to see anything like this in the US.  The carbon brakes are a no, and enough people complain about Nissan dealers service on a $80k car, let alone a $200k car.

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