GT-R Magazine R's Meeting from Speedhunters

Dino from Speedhunters took a trip to Fuji Speedway to attend the GT-R Magazine R' meet.  GT-R's of all vintages and varieties showed up,    The event was so big, that he had to break his coverage into mulitple posts.

Now with video: scroll to the bottom

Z-Tune R34 GT-R and a 400R R33 GT-R

Drag R33 GT-R


Look for one like this in Fast and Furious 5

Look at all the R34 GT-R's.  Owners getting their pictures in GT-R Magazine

Mine's R34 and R35 GT-R's.

That is just a few of the dozens of pictures from the event and Dino. Head over to Speedhunters for all the pictures, and the article.

Source: Speedhunters pt1 , pt2

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