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Motor Trend Magazine pitted these two Nissan GT-R competitors against each other at Willow Springs, a standing mile , 0-60 , 1/4 mile , skidpad, and figure 8.  The Corvette wins by default, as the Porsche turbo breaks prior to the standing mile.  The P car is not a PDK, rather a 6 speed manual, and still manages 0-60 in 3.0 seconds.  I thought that Porsche’s never broke, and were forged from Zeus’s own chariot? Maybe not. Even something silly can sideline the mighty, mighty expensive, Porsche.

The ZR1 is wicked fast at Big Willow with Justin Bell driving.  For the standing mile, the speedo moves like a tach until its in the upper reaches of its range.

We brought both beasties out to Willow Springs Raceway, specifically the big track affectionately called Big Willow, to see how they'd run. More than one professional driver has told us that "Terrible" Turn 9 is as challenging a bend as any you'll find on any track in the world
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On the flip side of that same coin, would you be willing to believe a General Motors product -- one that quite literally began melting after a few hours in the hot California sun -- not only beat but flat-out embarrassed a Nurburgring'd all-star twin-turbo AWD Porsche on a tricky, challenging, high-speed racetrack? What's next, a black president?
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Source: Motor Trend Magazine

Stay tuned for October 18th’s announcements on the 2012 US model Nissan GT-R.  We will see how the new R35 will stack up to the ZR1 and the 997.2.

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The two rivals have finally met end to end, German vs American both are beast from the west

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