AMS Upgraded MAF Sensors For Big Power Nissan GT-R's

Making big power on the GT-R is not the easiest thing but making it run right day in day out can be very frustrating. We encountered this same problem months ago with our big turbo cars and quickly sorted out a solution. Thanks to our tuner Chris Black we now have a MAF sensor capable of handling big power and big amounts of air. Kiss your P0700 codes goodbye! Stop dealing with rough driveablity problems if you are running Greddy 20G's, Big bolt on turbos or full turbo kits. These Mass Air Flow Sensors are designed and calibrated just for big power and upgraded turbo's!
*Custom MAF curve which will allow for 1200bhp
*Properly scaled to retain stock like drivability with proper ECU calibration
*Gets rid of pesky transmission related codes and poor drivability
*Extensively tested and currently in use in several vehicles with EXCELLENT results
*Can be used with ANY turbo system available
*Plugs into factory wiring harness connectors. No cutting or splicing of the vehicle harness necessary

These sensors are the answer to all the drivability issues the community is having. We have been contacted by multiple customers from multiple different shops who are simply unhappy with the drivability of their cars. These sensors are a major part of the equation, which will bring proper drivability to the car. This does not require any software changes in the ECU to work around these issues. These sensors are designed properly to work WITH the factory system instead of having to modify it.

These sensor sets are sold for $999.95 and are plug and play. A Retune is required for this setup.

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