STILLEN Front Splitter - Built Tough

This video demonstrates an advantage of a STILLEN urethane front lip spoiler over a fiberglass or carbon fiber part. A fiberglass or carbon fiber piece would have broken into 1000 tiny shards.

I ended up with 2 wheels off over the last strip of curbing at the top. It grabbed my front splitter, balled it up into a pretzel and spit it out the back of the car. Other than being a little scraped up and my KAE paint flaking off, it's in good shape. Stillen said they designed it to be flexible just for this purpose, if you hit something on track, it can simply bend and then flex back into shape instead of cracking. Worked just like they said it would...

If you watch the rear camera closely at about 0:20, you can see it shoot out the back end.


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