SSP Extreme Duty 1st Gear Replacement and 200 mph Final Drive

SSP have released some details on a 1st gear, and final gear ratio that they are working on for the Nissan GT-R.  The revised final drive ratios are good for 214 mph @7000 rpm , 229 mph @ 7500 rpm, and 244 mph @ 8000 rpm.  Of course you will need the horsepower, and supporting modifications to turn that kind of rpm in 6th gear.  Below are a couple of pictures, and information from SSP.

SSP Performance has always led the way in Nissan R35 GTR drive train development and technology. In January of 2009, SSP released the world’s first clutch assembly upgrade for the GR6 transmission. Since then we have developed bulletproof upgrades to bring the GR6 reliably to 800whp+. SSP continues to make considerable investments into product development, with the end result being the most comprehensive range of precision engineered products for your GR6 transmission.

Since February of 2010, SSP has entered into a technology partnership with the largest high-performance gear manufacturer in the southern hemisphere, Albins from Australia. This exclusive business relationship has allowed for a complete overhaul of the GR6 transmission.

Although being lesser known in the USA, Albins supplies the current North American and Canadian Rally Championship winning teams with Mitsubishi EVO and Subaru WRX Gears as well as supplying the 2010 Baja1000 winning off-road teams and Nascar Driver, Robbie Gordons, Dakar Rally Hummer with gears and complete transmissions amongst dozens of elite level motorsport teams the world over.

Albins has 6 full time design engineers, and a electronics engineer which have been at SSP’s disposal during the design and manufacture process of our latest range of products.

SSP is proud to announce the following pre-release information regarding the SSP/Albins, Extreme Duty 1st gear Replacement and SSP/Albins 200+mph Final Drive Package. These are just 2 of the products we currently have in the fitment and testing stage of our R35 GTR program.

Extreme Duty 1st Gear Replacement:

· Over 40% more tooth width and contact area than standard gears

· Significant tooth width increases over competitor 1st gear “upgrades”

· Increased shaft thickness, eliminating shaft deflection

· Gear “ground” tooth forming rather than “cutting” delivering tooth profile perfection.

· CMM scanned with robotic CMM machines ensuring gear and shaft perfection post-heat treatment.

· No need to unnecessarily replace reverse gear

· Anti-fatigue shot penning of all components

· Billet “proprietary grade” steel construction.

· Manufactured to ISO 9001 2009 international quality standards

The points of difference above are significant and simply not available on the gear upgrades that have been in the market for the past 18 months or so. The gear grinding machine alone, that manufactures this product, is a 2 million dollar investment in technology. Most gear manufacturers don’t have the luxury of enjoying. The end result is a product that operates quietly with perfect tooth mesh and load distribution. It has unrivaled wear characteristics due to the perfect tooth profile and surface finish. The gear grinding method of manufacture allows construction of the gear and shaft such that designs of gears can be extended to approximately 15% more gear width than current 1st gear upgrades on the market. Backing up this technology is an ISO 9001 2009 quality assurance program and robotic Computerized Measuring Machine scanning of components for a faultless end-product.

SSP is taking registrations of interest from those requiring a 1st gear replacement with quality and strength attributes exceeding those of current 1st gear upgrades that are occasionally available in the marketplace.

200mph Final Drive Package:

· Gear Ratio’s designed for extreme power, standing mile competition

· Klingelnberg Palloid Tooth Profile for increased strength and “even thickness” teeth on gears as opposed to factory, Gleeson style tapered teeth.

· Zero gear noise increase

· Direct fitment replacement

· Anti Fatigue shot penned

· Billet proprietary grade steel construction

· Computer controlled heat treatment

· ISO 9001 2009 quality assured manufacture

· CMM scanned for product perfection.

· 2.7:1 front 3.4:1 Rear Ratio.

This is a pre-release product brief. Product updates will be made available
every fortnight prior to official retail release which is due in October.


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