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The EGOIST. What is the EGOIST?  Its the hand customized Nissan GT-R now being offered in Japan, and from the look of the article, the Middle East. However, don't expect to see this coming to the US. Too expensive, and too hard to try and sell to the US market.

The EGOIST is going with a much more luxurious interior than the base, premium, black, or SpecV GT-R's.

It had 40 Horsepower more than the previous model from 480HP to 520HP, but from what we driven it felt like 100HP more. It is more sharper in the bends and the acceleration is more intense.

Dry Carbon fiber rear spoiler.

Titanium exhaust. The rear diffuser is redesigned for 2012. There are some extra side vents, and the shape has been altered to lower drag and improve cooling.

Head over to the website for the full story, plus some upcoming articles on driving other models of the new 2011 Japan (2012 US) DBA-R35.


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