Dodson Motorsport Straight Cut GR6 Transmission Gears

There are two main types of gears used in automotive gearboxes.  Straight cut, and Helical cut gears.  Helical cut gears are most prevalent, as they are much quieter to run than straight cut gears. The factory Nissan GT-R GR6 transmission uses helical cut gears. Dodson Motorsport have released a picture of a straight cut gearset they are testing for the Nissan GT-R.

Dodson Motorsports Straight Cut GR6 Gearset

Below is an example of a helical cut gearset.  The straight cut is more efficient, and stronger than a helical gearset. Most race cars use a straight cut gearset.  No pricing information, or release dates have been announced yet.

Factory style aftermarket helical gearset for GR6


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