Greddy R35 GT-R : 9.76 @ 149.85

The Greddy R35 GT-R took to the drag strip in Arizona recently and ripped off a 9.76@149 mph pass. 60 foot time was a 1.65. The amazing part, was this time was done on a stock engine. Stock pistons, stock rods. It seems the VR38 will stand up to a good amount of horsepower when tuned correctly. They say next up for the car is a built engine, and quicker times. Check out the video below.

834whp GReddy GR9 R35 GT-R - 1st trip to the 1/4mile drag strip. Raceworld Raceway, AZ Nov. 1st 2010. (GR9 Stage 1)

GReddy Equipped: TD06SH-20G Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit, Type-29 Cross-flow Intercooler Kit with Type-RZ Blow-off Valves, 94mm full Titanium Exhaust, DTC Transmission Cooler, GReddy-Transmission upgrades, Cobb Access Port

DOT tires, race gas and stock engine.
Built Engine Test still to come...

9.76 @ 149.85


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