IglooCase: Transform an iPhone/iTouch into an Action Camera

A couple of car friends of mine have come up with this new case and mounting solution for an iPhone or iTouch. Curtis and Matt have been involved with motorsports for several years. I met Matt at the Sport Compact Car Ultimate Street Car Challenge, when he was driving his Toyota Supra. Curtis is also a Supra owner, and has done a number of Time Attack and magazine events with it. As much as I am a Nissan Skyline GT-R fan, I have a ton of Toyota Supra friends. Lots of good guys.  This idea needs some contributions though Kickstarter to meet their goal of $20,000 to cover the molding costs. Sign up, and get in on it, so they can have it built.
Durability and Insurance: One of the biggest concerns we had was how we made sure our case stayed attached to a moving vehicle that experiences close to 2g's of lateral acceleration and speeds upwards of 160mph on the race track. We exhaustively tested a number of suction pod mounts that ultimately left a lot to be desired. We knew we had to include a robust solution that could be flexible and mobile enough to capture a multitude of different angles of video as well as have the suction power to anchor our device. The Cleat made by Wood's was the device that ultimately delivered what we needed. It utilizes an actual pump to suck out air and can hold up to a 10lb camera with ease. The Igloo case with the iphone 4 weighs in at only a third of what the Cleat can handle making it overkill (just the way we like it).
I have a program for my iPhone called Harry’s Lap Timer. I have been looking for a good case, to take advantage of the GPS lap timer, and camera overlay functions.
Harry‘s GPS LapTimer is the iPhone tool for lap timing. Offering advanced data recording, it is the ideal companion for amateur racing. Utilizing GPS, LapTimer will automatically stop your laps and sector times. With laps stored in a database, you can track your progress while improving your lap times corner by corner. Using your existing iPhone, LapTimer is an extremely inexpensive option compared to standalone solutions.

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