Mine's Body Stabilizer PRO

Mine's has been producing parts for the Nissan GT-R for years. Their cars are always fast, and do more with less. They have recently released these body stabilzer pros that help to improve ride quality on a stiffly sprung street car. Mine's is not a company for fluff products, so if they are selling them, they probably work.

As for the body of the car which is in the midst of traveling, body deformation and the minute vibration with the vibration and the distortion, cornering and the acceleration and deceleration etc with road surface change always occur.
Impact and the vibration which occur in the body by installing MINE'S body stabilizer PRO, under all circumstances are eased, quality of driving and pulling up efficiency are possible.
The damper for the body which absorbs the vibration and the like promptly and makes stabilize is the point whose attenuation quality and installation place are important. With [mainzu] the practice test is repeated and in GT−R the highest performance the part which bodily sensation is produced is offered.


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