Nissan GT-R: Porsche killer

Ad agency TBWA, Düsseldorf undertook a campaign on behalf of Nissan to increase footfall into German dealers and encourage more test drives of the Nissan GT-R. This video shows the results as well as the unconventional way in which they reached out to Porsche owners.

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Anonymous said...

this is really rather sad and pathetic on nissans part,...that they would have to stoop to such "LOSER" tactics to supposedly gin up interest in their pitiful sales numbers for this car,...and believe me,...if that happened in the states,...and someone messes with my car,..they might just get their "nuts" blown off,...that's why nissan had to resort to using the 2 bimbettes in this so-called campaign,...i mean really?, they think that pasting a stick-on to someones windshield is really gonna convince a 911 owner to ditch their car for a gtr?,'s NOT happening now, or EVER!,...just pitiful that this is the sad depths that nissan has had to sink to to try and move it's 'TURD',..very pitiful!

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