Japanese Market Nissan GT-R Sales

While at the Mituswa marketplace having lunch, I picked up the latest GT-R Magazine, March 2011 , #97.  On the cover is one of Mines R34 GT-R demo cars, and their new DBA R35 demo car.   In the magazine they list total Nissan R35 GT-R sales for Japan.  The data is current as of December 2010.

Total Sales
2007 807
2008 4871
2009 531
2010 298

Since 2007, Nissan has sold 6507 Nissan GT-R’s in Japan.  The following chart breaks down the 6507 total cars sold by model

Total Sales by Model
My Japanese is not perfect, so please correct me if this is wrong
Normal 1298
Premium 1844
Black Edition 3304
SpecV 49
Pure Edition 5

The most popular seller by far was the Black Edition.  I wonder if the US had the Black Edition from the beginning, if we would see a similar sales percentage of Black Editions to Normal/Premium’s. Only 49 total SpecV’s sold.  Only 1 EGOIST, although they had not been released for very long by December.  The 5 Pures, that is just the new name for the base model.   I would be surprised if Nissan sells 12 EGOIST’s in 2011.  Seems like a pretty big waste of time and money on making a fast car pretty.

Current Prices
US conversion as of 2-4-11
Pure Edition 8,694,000 yen ($104,469)
Black Edition 9,303,000 yen ($111,787)
Premium Edition 9,450,000 yen ($113,554)
EGOIST 15,000,000 yen ($180,244)
SpecV 15,750,000 yen ($189,256)

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