Brandon Jacobs and His AMS Tuned Nissan GT-R

Brandon Jacobs Nissan GTR

Talk about much ado about nothing. Brandon Jacobs, running back with the San Francisco 49ers, AMS tuned Nissan GT-R owner , was one vehicle in a group of vehicles with a police escort on a highway in New Jersey. This has turned into a little bit of a controversy, however it just shows how many drivers are just not aware of their surroundings.

The troopers involved with the escort have been suspended pending further investigation.  Some of their higher ups, bending to public pressure, and misleading reports in the mainstream media.  You would honestly think that 100 mph is fast.

Here is a quote:

According to the Star-Ledger, many drivers struggled to get out of the way of the oncoming cars, with one elderly driver nearly ending up in a ditch.
Nearly ended up in a ditch?  An elderly driver could nearly end up in a ditch if they noticed a sale on the side of the road, if it started raining, if the sun came out, if they realized it was Tuesday.

A group of cars, with a police escort is much ado about nothing.

The kind of people that react harshly to this kind of thing, are the same people that are the problem in the left hand lane, blocking traffic. If they paid attention to the road, and were aware of their surroundings, they would have got out of the way much earlier.


Driving is dangerous, that is true.

Montana had no speed limits for a while. http://www.motorists...-safety-paradox

Here is what the Montana data shows. (chart below) After all the politically correct safety programs were in place and fully operational, complete with federal safety funds, more laws and citations being issued. Here are the results.
1. After the new Speed Limits were established, interstates fatal accidents went up 111%. From a modern low of 27 with no daytime limits, to a new high of 56 fatal accidents with speed limits.
2. On interstates and federal primary highways combined, Montana went from a modern low of 101 with no daytime limits, to a new high of 143 fatal accidents with speed limits.
3. After a 6 year downward trend in the percentage of multiple vehicle accidents on its 2 lane primary highways, multiple vehicle accident rates increased again.
4. With the expectation of higher speed when there was no daytime limit, Montana’s seat belt usage was well above the national average on its highways without a primary law, lane and road courtesy increased, speeds remained relatively stable and fatal accidents dropped to a modern low. After the new limits, fatal accidents climbed to a modern high on these classifications of highway, road courtesy decreased and flow conflict accidents rose again.

Source: NAGTROC and Dupont Registry

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